Fall recipes cozy their way into our lives


Erin Chang

Senior Erin Chang bakes pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on Oct. 9 to celebrate the fall time.

Fall comes with an overwhelming number of recipes and foods that people love to indulge in. Fall includes flavors ranging from the favorite, pumpkin, all the way to gingerbread and apples. Seasonal flavors like these are available for a limited time in stores such as Starbucks, causing customers to always rush to get them before they disappear. The pumpkin spice latte, a popular seasonal favorite at Starbucks, combines espresso and steamed milk with traditional pumpkin and other spice flavors. Starbucks sells about 20 million Pumpkin Spice Lattes every year, along with other seasonal favorites such as the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and Salted Caramel Mocha.

Making this dessert made me super excited for the fall months and it was super delicious.”

— Mandy Shoen

October is also a month where pumpkin patches and apple picking orchards are open. Whether it is making homemade apple cider or pumpkin donuts, or indulging in them straight from the market, fall-flavored eating is a popular activity.

Sophomore Mandy Shoen recently tried out an apple crumble cake recipe to celebrate the fall season. “Making this dessert made me super excited for the fall months and it was super delicious,” Shoen said.

Fall comes with comforting and warm dishes as well as desserts. Chilis and soups are a popular category of recipes for this season. The classic pumpkin soup, butternut squash soup, tomato basil soup, and wild recipe soups are all beloved.

Pumpkin is the ultimate ingredient featured in recipes ranging from oatmeal to breads to, of course, pies. People rush to the stores to grab pumpkin, cinnamon, and other fall spices to make yummy dishes. Pumpkin bread is a fan favorite for the fall time. Nutrition teacher Kristen Daugherity plans to make a pumpkin bread recipe that she got from Science teacher Rebecca Firoved and well as pumpkin pies with her nutrition class. “I am planning on having the students in my nutrition classes make pumpkin pies as we get closer to Thanksgiving,” Daugherity said.

Chocolate chip and cinnamon are also popular flavors to incorporate in recipes for the fall. Senior Erin Chang made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies recently. “I Iove baking in the fall because there are so many good flavors and it’s such a fun way to destress after school,” Chang said.