South Park Pandemic Special does not disappoint


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South Park character Randy Marsh presents his idea of the Pandemic Special in front of the town of South Park.

South Parks Pandemic Special recently had its debut on Comedy Central, airing on Sept. 30. South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been airing South Park for 23 years and the Pandemic Special may be the most creative episode that they have made since the start of it all.

The episode is an hour long, and mocks current events that occurred this year.. The episode is designed to take place during the pandemic and covers current issues such as, BLM movement, defunding the police and the presidential race. The Pandemic Special does an amazing job tackling the pinpoints of COVID-19and relating to the viewers on how they feel about the pandemic. South Park’s demographic is known as teenagers and adult males due to the inappropriate humor that the show entails.In my eyes, the episode is magnificent and perfectly summarizes the world we live in through humor and mocking current events that are impacting our world.

Although South Park’s humor may offend a variety of demographics and social groups, the show has been one of the most iconic animated TV shows to ever be produced. Critics have tried to “cancel” South Park, or file a lawsuit against Matt Stone and Trey Parker because the show comes out as “offensive” and “intolerable”. There have been three attempted lawsuits against the creators of South Park, but none have been successful as South Park has won all three out of the three cases.

Only one episode has been banned, and that was the 201st episode of the show. The episode was called “Cartoon wars” and was only banned because they depict the prophet Mohammed. These facts show how South Park has been challenged many times for their explicitness, and the extent of how offensive the show is, but they are still airing episodes 15 years later, showing the same offensive content as in the “Pandemic Special.”

The “Pandemic Special” was by far one of the most controversial South Park episodes that I have ever seen. They relate the rise of marijuana use in Colorado to the start of COVID, and they relate the defunding of police to in-school learning during COVID, which makes for a hilarious episode.

I enjoyed watching this episode because I have been a South Park fan ever since I was nine years old, and watching them create an episode that relates to the COVID-impacted world we live in today, and still managed to emerge as one of my favorite episodes ever due to the amount of humor, amazes me.

The South Park Pandemic Special is an incredibly funny episode, and I would recommend anyone who is not easily offended by highly inappropriate humor to watch the special.