County-Wide Sports: National Student Leadership Summit holds conference

Miller Romm, Back Page Editor

The National Student Leadership Summit is holding a conference for high school students to come and speak about current issues with interscholastic athletics. Each school will be able to send one male and one female representative to talk about specific issues inside their county and to try to convey their opinions of their area.

This is the only national student leadership summit for high school student-athletes. Students will develop leadership skills while interacting with their peers from around the United States and other countries. Information received at this conference will be used to assist with planning for the implementation of the MCPS Student-Athlete Leadership Council. This is important because other students from around the country may have been taught a different way of leadership and different lessons and will ultimately gain knowledge and understanding.

This program also can provide each student with an extended understanding of how to create a healthy environment in their school. Each student will come back from this meeting realizing how much of a difference they can make not only at the county level but also at the state level. This meeting will be completely student run and allow them to talk to individuals who understand the importance of leadership in a community. Students may not realize their importance, or that nearly 11 million students participate in interscholastic activities around the globe, and most do not have the values and understanding of leadership. This program can change the way each team and school value leadership. “Our team leaders make a huge difference every single day and help our chemistry,” junior basketball guard Dallas Dean said.

This meeting will focus on the technique of “train the trainer,” which helps the organization understand the point of view from the students. This technique will give kids as well as adults a greater perspective on how to be better communicators. This meeting will be influential for the students and for the adults giving both sides access to creating a better world.

The meeting will be held on July 20-22 in Indianapolis. The only thing that students would have to pay for is their flight, as the hotel room and other accommodations will be covered by the program. This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard and gain a new perspective and understand issues that people may not realize coming from a different part of the country. If you want to apply for this spot and get a trip to Indianapolis in July email me at [email protected]