Common Sense Newspaper updates students through social media outlets

Izzy Muffett, Staff Writer

Common Sense newspaper has been telling stories and informing the students, staff and parents of the school and people throughout the community since its first copy was printed in 970, and now it has a new way of reaching people.

Common Sense created its social media in the second semester of last year, and since then its been able to engage with more people than ever before. According to online news editor Young A Kim, their Instagram is Common Sense’s most popular platform. “Currently our Instagram has over 400 followers and we’ve had more than 257 profile visits in the last week.”

A lot has changed because of the new platforms Common Sense has. Kim said that the social media has helped students to get involved with the school. “Before establishing the social media, students could only get their information biweekly and at some times the news might’ve been outdated,” Kim said.

The Common Sense social media provides students with quick daily news about important activities and involvements around the school, which allows students to get more involved as well.

Students go to the Common Sense social media when they need to know about issues concerning the school. “Whenever I want to know about something going on at school, I look at the newspaper’s Instagram. It always has the information I need on school events, sports, clubs and everything else,” freshman Akshara Raju said.

Students are not the only people who use the Common Sense social media as a resource. Parents and staff members use the platforms to stay involved and informed about everything going on at school. “There’s so much more information on the social media accounts from Common Sense than there is on the school website, especially about social events and club activities. I wish we had social media to add to my newspaper when I was on the newspaper club in high school,” parent Tricia Davis-Muffett said.