The News in Brief

Demi Ellenbogen, Managing Editor

Montgomery County Board of Election considers adding voting site

Montgomery County’s Board of Elections is revisiting its decision against adding a 12th early voting site. An emergency meeting was held in Annapolis to decide whether Montgomery County would have to identify a possible location for a new site. The State Board of Elections voted in favor of directing the county to bring a nomination for a new site by Oct. 24. Those not in favor of adding the site complain that the cost would be too high. According to Montgomery County Board of Elections Chair James Shalleck, the additional site would cost $117,000 for the primary and the same for the general election. In contrast, Montgomery County Council member Tom Hucker believes there should be an addition site located in White Oak. “White Oak is home to many low-income voters, many African-American and immigrant voters, and many seniors, many of whom don’t have cars,” Hucker said.

Montgomery County Board of Education takes next steps

The Montgomery County Board of Education gathered on Oct. 8 to discuss options for the 2020-2021 school year, take provisional action on Policy IDA, approve the 2019 Every Student Succeeds Act Consolidated Strategic Plan, canvass steps for the districtwide boundary analysis and begin acting on awarding credit for participating in interscholastic athletic programs. The 2019 Every Student Succeeds Act Consolidated Strategic Plan requires all school systems to submit a plan including goals, objectives, strategies and interventions in order to promote academic success. The first action in awarding credit for participation in MCPS Interscholastic Athletic Programs was directing the superintendent to explore this opportunity. The credit would allow those involved in the county’s school sports program to earn credit for being on their respective teams.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day replaces name of Columbus Day

Oct. 14 was Indigenous Peoples’ Day in DC, after the city council approved legislation last week that would rename Columbus Day. Indigenous Peoples’ Day calls for people to learn more about the people who were already here when the European settlers arrived. The Piscataway people live along the Potomac River stretching from the Chesapeake Bay to western Maryland. Extended families consisting of roughly 10 people resided in lodges made of trees and covered in mats made of animal hides or reeds. Alexandria has followed suit in renaming Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Prince George’s County voted to officially change the holiday’s name to Native American Day starting in October 2020.