Art classes for all levels continue throughout summer


Samir Patankar, Sports Editor

With summer around the corner, students are enrolling in camps to get ready for school courses or to participate in an activity that interests them.

Those who are interested in art classes such as ceramics or painting, should think about taking summer art classes to get ready. The art and ceramics teachers recommend this. “It will help students understand different techniques and ways to draw,” ceramics teacher Unsil Kim said.

Classes are available at all skill levels. The Renaissance Art Center, Yellow Barn, and Visarts offer classes even if you have no background in art. Junior Tony Krieger took a class at Yellow Barn. “Ceramics was a really fun class, so I wanted to learn how to draw and paint too. I didn’t know anything about arts before I took this summer class but it helped me a lot even though I learned that art wasn’t for me,” Krieger said.

Summer classes are also available to more advanced for students looking to pursue arts as a career or who are taking hard art classes such as AP Ceramics. This includes classes at Compass Atelier and Montgomery College. While Montgomery College offers a broad range of art classes based on skill, there are only advanced classes at Compass Atelier. Not everyone is allowed to enroll in the classes at Compass Atelier: some are so advanced, artists must prove themselves first before entering these classes.

One of the most popular summer art camps is at Glen Echo Park. Glen Echo was developed in 1891 and has taught sciences, arts and literature. They have camps running through summer for all of these subjects. Camps last one week, ranging from $60-$100. They also hold workshops on certain days for people unavailable to come for full weeks. “This helped me in ceramics when I took it last year. I learned the basics, which definitely helped me get an A in the class,” junior Khodayari said.