Don’t be a ‘bad guy,’ listen to Billie’s new album

Sarah Levine, Staff Writer

Teen star releases her debut record to massive success

When we fall asleep where do we go?

That is a question people may want a legitimate answer to. Seventeen-year-old Billie Eilish gave her own explanation as this is the title of her debut album, released on Mar. 29. Her album is one “that moves with purpose and knows when to hold the listener tight, or grab them by the scruff of the neck and drag them into her world,” said.

Her anti-pop style has attracted lots of attention, selling out shows and festivals in the past year, and this album is just the beginning of her journey. This album follows her previous singles including the track “ocean eyes,” which she released when she was 14, and her 2017 EP titled, “don’t smile at me.”

Her personality shines through in this album with an intro track named, “!!!!!” that consists only of her making noises when taking out her Invisalign retainer and stating, “And this is the album!” In another song “my strange addiction,” she adds a riff from an episode of the popular sitcom “The Office.” She also stated that it’s important to listen to the songs on the album in order to get the full effect of the melodies in each song.

Some of the songs on her album have deep meanings and underlying tones. Her song “xanny” takes a strong stand against drugs, with lyrics talking about how friends will do drugs but she won’t and saying that it won’t make anyone feel better. Another song “wish you were gay” caused controversy at first. The song is about her having feelings for a boy, but him not feeling the same way, and she wishes he didn’t like girls so she’d have a legitimate reason for why there are no mutual feelings.

Her songs hold vibes of dark and goth-like beats, compared to her light and airy voice and melodies. Eilish can’t help but draw in her audience and let them into her feelings and be relatable in her lyrics. “It’s a very honest album: Eilish reveals all facets of herself, beautiful, weird, forlorn, selfish and self-aware,” said.

Eilish has created a new type of approach to pop music, with her and her brother being the main producers of her music. She has fans all around the world and Rolling Stone describes her as not “someone you want to fear; she’s someone you want to root for.”