Danny Does: The Wootton parking lot

Danny Rothenberg, Managing Editor

It’s 2:29, and I need to leave math teacher Christopher Tucker’s class.  It’s not that I don’t like his class, he knows I love it, it’s because of the parking lot.  

“Alright, you guys are good to go,”  Tucker says.

I am speed-walking through the halls, trying to be among the first ones out to their cars.  The walk to my car usually takes about two minutes and 16 seconds, but right now I’m on pace for one minute and 57 seconds.

Any minute now, Jonnie is going to ask me to take him either to his car at Rockshire or to his house.

“Hey, can you take me home today, Danny?” senior Jonnie Voyta asks.

What a surprise.

“Yes, but hurry we need to get out of the lot,” I respond.

I walk up to my car, and my junior brother and sophomore Brett Strauss are standing next to it, waiting for me to unlock the car.  I park in spot 74, which means the time it takes me to get out is longer than most people. Actually, that’s not true it takes everyone so long that it doesn’t even matter if I wait two more minutes.  It all feels the same. We all pile in my Golden Toyota Corolla (yes even all of Jonnie’s 6’6” body fits in it) and start the journey.

“Can we just go left and get out of here fast?” Jonnie says.

“Come on Jonnie you know it’s against the rules.  This is probably why you have a Rockshire spot, they know you will go across the arrows,” I respond.

I try to get out of my spot but people just keep coming out of their spots, making it impossible to get out.

Will someone just let me in? This is ridiculous.

“Ah-ha look! Maddy Elster is the next one up in the main line.  She’ll let us into the line,” I say to the people in the car.

I honk my horn to get my friends attention and she looks right over.  I roll down my window to try to talk to her.

“Maddy, please, please, please, let me in,” I say

This is the perfect opportunity.  She can let me in right now. Oh yeah, I finessed the parking lot.

Maddy shakes her head no and drives up in line, leaving me stuck in my row.

Are you kidding me?  That’s incredibly rude and selfish.  I’m gonna go off on her next time I see her.  I mean, she didn’t have the time to let her friend in. Just wow.

Luckily, the parent behind her, who is there to pick up her kid is nice, and lets me in.  Students are still coming out of the building and walking across the parking lot creating even more traffic.  –

As I inch up in the line, I see another one of my good friends, senior Morgan Siegel, waiting to try to get into the line.  Morgan rolls down her window, and tries to get me to let her in. She doesn’t need to vouch, I’m no Maddy. I let her in, and then all of the sudden it starts to flurry.

Great more traffic.  Everyone’s going to just stop and look at the snow, aren’t they?  

I drive up to the part of the parking lot that splits into two parts, turning left or right on Wootton Parkway. People from the lot start going out the wrong way, across the arrows, and cutting into the line creating more traffic.

Everyone is getting cut off, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

“Run them over!”  Jonnie says.

“Woah, chill out Jonnie, no need to freak out.  It will all be over soon,” I say.

Jonnie knows I’m right and just sits there quietly.  All of the sudden I feel a bump. Senior Amy Weintraub hits me.  This is no bueno, but I guess this is normal for this parking lot.