Students selected into competitive program

Joyce Yang, Staff Writer

Talented students have been selected into the All State program on Nov. 28. It was an exciting moment for students to be chosen and able to participate in a prestigious organization.

The Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) is a professional association for school music teachers of Maryland. On their MMEA website, they stated that heir goal is to advance music education in Maryland schools by supporting and enhancing school music curricula. They provide professional development for music teachers and over 10,000 opportunities to participate in state-wide music activities and events with students, teachers, and volunteers.

There are eight annual All State music groups in the Maryland Music Educators Association. There is the Senior Band, Senior Mixed Chorus, Senior Treble Chorus, Senior Jazz Band, Senior Orchestra, Junior Band, Junior Chorus and Junior Orchestra. To get in, there is a tough audition where around 920 students are selected from 6,000 to 7,000 students who audition. “When I was practicing in the auditorium, it was nerve-wrecking and I was getting anxious hearing other people play, but I eventually calmed down. I thought I did okay at the audition for cramming it in two weeks,” senior Janet Liang said.

To audition, students receive music from their music teacher that will be sent out three weeks in advance. To participate, an invitation must be confirmed by the teacher. For public school students, there is a fee of $340 per person and a fee of $391 for students in private/independent schools. To be eligible for the program, students must be enrolled in band, chorus, or orchestra class in a public or private school and regardless of skill, students who are not enrolled in one of the classes can not audition or participate in state-wide activities.

After being selected, there are rearrangements for seating positions. When everything is organized, different groups will have performances in different areas like UMBC, Morgan State University and Perry Hall High School. “It feels great to get in to this advanced ensemble, but there is still competition even after the audition for reseating, so I have to focus on doing my best,” sophomore Daniel Hwang said.