Black Friday returns


Hannah Shapiro, Managing Editor

As the major holidays are right around the corner, people are given the gift of Black Friday to shop the best deals for the best prices for their presents, and for themselves on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday was Nov. 23, so it was wise to go online and look up the area’s greatest offers.

Black Friday can be a hectic day no matter where you choose to shop. Those who go to the big department stores and malls are in for long lines, limited sizes and angry shoppers.

There are also people who take the plunge and decide to go to the stores that open at 12 a.m.. These customers are as dedicated as can be and have a mission. Senior Chloe Nguyen was one of these eager shoppers last year and had an interesting experience. “Last year I went with my friends at midnight and it was crazier than I thought it would be. The purpose was to go when there were less people, but it was still really crowded,” Nguyen said.

One good thing about Black Friday is that it encourages people to get their holiday shopping finished early, not having to look for subpar presents at the last second. Senior Kyra Goldstein uses the Black Friday deals to get her holiday shopping out of the way. “Even though it’s always insane everywhere I go, I still manage to find gifts for my friends and family, and in the long run all the chaos is worth the lower prices. If I don’t find something I’m looking for I can usually find it online for the same deal,” Goldstein said.

With Black Friday being the day after Thanksgiving, there are lots of people who are away with their families and do not have time to shop the great prices. Because of this, most stores also have the same deals online. This is a win-win for the companies and the consumers because the businesses make more money and the shoppers get their deals. There are also those who choose to do their shopping online as opposed to in stores, avoiding the hassle.

Local malls such as Tysons Corner and Westfield Montgomery are typically the hotspot for Black Friday shoppers. They have the most variety of stores and have all sorts of discounts. Senior Shaomeng Hou always goes to the mall to find her best deals. “I normally go to the mall with a few of my friends. We get there really early and shop as fast as we can before the stores run out of all the good stuff. I like Black Friday because I find stuff that I would normally not be able to get,” Hou said.