Crazy Rich Asians tops box office

Warning: spoilers ahead. Crazy Rich Asians takes its viewers on an unexpected journey of laughter and tears combined with a glimpse into a beautiful exotic location. This movie has all blockbusters requirements, from endearing and funny characters, to an emotional story that draws in its viewers. Sincere, fast-paced, funny, and all with the twist of having the first ever all Asian cast – this movie has it all.
Crazy Rich Asians follows the love story of Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), a middle class woman who works as an economics professor in New York and Nick Young (Henry Golding) the son of one of the wealthiest families in all of Asia. Chu is completely in the dark about Young’s wealth and thinks he is just an ordinary person like her. Chu accompanies Young to Singapore for Young’s best friend’s wedding. From the minute she arrives at the airport in New York to take off, Chu is faced with surprises about the family and background of the man she loves.
Viewers were intrigued straight from the get go. “I was so into the movie as soon as Chu and Young’s trip started and Chu was hit with a type wealth she had never experienced before,” senior Kayla Hill said.
Throughout the movie, each character grows on the viewers. Chu is well-educated, driven and beautiful in more ways than one. Her determination is what drives the plot of the movie as she tries to win over Young’s mother, Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh) while remaining unaffected by her boyfriend’s wealth. Viewers also fall in love with Young for his wit and confidence as he stands up to his mother for the woman he loves. He chooses Chu over his money, his wealth, and his family.
Another character who brings life to the movie is Peik Lin Goh (Awkwafina). Young visits Goh, her friend from college, when she goes to Singapore. Goh makes the audience laugh as she and her family takes care of Young through her heartaches and triumphs.
The audience was particularly compelled by the humor and depth of the movie. “I could not stop laughing at Goh’s comments and I loved when she said she goes by ‘Asian Ellen’,” sophomore Chris Rinaldi said.
Crazy Rich Asians doesn’t just capture its audience through its moving love story, but also through an insightful and intriguing view into a world of extreme wealth. Throughout the movie there are over the top parties with beautiful clothing and jewels. Once people see this movie, a visit to Singapore will become a must-have on their bucket list.
Every scene in the movie is filled with extreme wealth and power. “I could not believe how amazing and over the top every party in the movie was. I especially liked the party at the beginning of the movie when everyone was decked out in the most extravagant dresses and jewels,” junior Danielle Klein said.