2016 Presi-dictions

2016 Presi-dictions

Allie Lowy

If America becomes Great Again

The year is 2022. President Trump has just announced that he will be building a second wall in front of the first one, just to be safe. The economy is in OK shape, but the second crash of the stock market knocked a lot of people out of their jobs.
Ever since he was elected in 2016, Trump rose to an unpredicted level of power and started making changes to the Constitution right away. He got rid of Congress immediately because they kept vetoing his proposals. He replaced this branch of government with his own cabinet members, which include the past winners of Celebrity Apprentice.
The country has basically turned into one big game show, Americans are the players and Trump is the host- and he is the only one who knows what’s behind that big curtain.
Last week, Trump announced that women who received abortions would be punished for doing so. He appointed a right-wing conservative to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, a landmark case from 1973 that stated that a woman’s right to an abortion was protected under her right to privacy. So far, at least 50 women have been sent to jail for making a decision with respect to their bodies and their lives.
As for the building of the second wall, Trump got away with the building of the first wall back in 2017 when most of the American public was distracted while binge watching the second season of Stranger Things. No one has been able to stand up to him because he has too much power now.
In 2018, the stock market had its biggest crash since the Great Depression. Trump gave no comment, of course. Ever since, the people of America have worked tirelessly to get the economy back to where it is now. It has been hard to find work for most people, but they take what they can get.
Relations with foreign nations have been almost destroyed. Trump created a no tolerance policy on immigration and all illegal immigrants have been deported.
Trump kicked all of the Ambassadors of foreign nations out of the country, and soon escalated to withdrawing the United States out of the United Nations. Our only ally left is Canada, and even they are sick of us.
Trump won reelection in 2020 because no one wanted to go through the new (and lengthy) process of running against him. In order for one to win the presidency, he or she must win the popular vote and the electoral vote, making it almost impossible for anyone but Trump to win.


Julia Stern

Social Media Editor


If America goes With Her

2018 has been a monumental year. It had taken 45 presidential candidacies to finally show men who is really in charge and have a woman win the election.
Back in November 2016, after President Hillary Clinton’s victory, there were many mixed reactions within the citizens. In DC, all Feminist organizations congregated together as one to celebrate the first female president. Others angrily posted on social media about how the White House is reserved for men and that women do not have the leadership skills to be leading this country.
Today, President Clinton has not made the tremendous changes predicted but the few she has made have had an impact on America.
First, Americans tripled the number of refugees allowed into our country each year. The population has increased by 25 percent. Allowing anyone into this country may have sounded like a kind and welcoming idea, but ISIS is beginning to hide within the refugees to travel into the country. Nothing has happened yet, but everybody is expecting an attack any day now. Citizens are beginning to protest for Clinton to build a wall so that not everyone can access America. Commonly, students may see code red drills at schools, more police cars out on the roads and frantic people check the news for any updates.
Second, a new law states that if a couple makes over $250,000 a year, they are considered wealthy and therefore have to pay more taxes than everyone else. Wealthy citizens have begun protesting, saying that this is encouraging people to not work their hardest and not make the amount of money they would usually dream of. A common expression in life has been to “marry rich,” but ever since this law has been passed, citizens have been fighting to stay in the middle class. People with well-paid jobs have been quitting, and it has been nearly impossible to find and hire replacements. This has resulted in the unemployment rate increasing 30 percent.
Lastly, Clinton said that for the upcoming school year, college would be free if students do a year of community service. As students and parents were originally thrilled about this opportunity, the schools were not. The schools did not know how they could function without money from students and began to fall into debt, unable to afford what they usually can. By participating in a year of community service students became distracted from their school work, resulting in grades rapidly dropping. Clinton realized the repercussions for the schools and announced that students begin to pay for college as usual.
President Clinton has announced that she is going to run for a second term in 2020. Based on citizens negative reactions to her current term, the win will likely be going to rapper Kanye West.


Jordyn Taylor

Commons Editor