SGA adds extra pep to Friday passing time


You are slumped onto your desk, barely awake because of that all-nighter you pulled and all you can think about is how you are so done with this day and it is only second period. As you watch the minute hand slowly tick by on the clock waiting for the bell to ring, you hear a catchy beat slowly erupting from the speakers. Next thing you know, “Party in the USA” is blasting through the halls serving as a much needed wakeup boost.
This year the SGA has decided to start playing music in the halls during the five minute passing time from period to period. Playing music helps create a fun vibe throughout the hall and lets students jam to their favorite songs in between classes. Students also enjoy the lively mood it creates. “I love when they play music in the hallway on pep rally days. It makes the mood at school so much more positive and lively,” senior Gurbani Singh said.
Not only does playing music help create a fun environment in the school, but listening to music has small health benefits. If you are stressed out about that math test next period, listening to the tunes on the loud speakers can help reduce your anxiety. Heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels are all stress indicators and listening to music triggers chemicals that reduce these levels and lower overall stress according to
Listening to music can also having calming effects. According to, music can sync up with breathing patterns and heart rates, which produces a calming effect.
Music can also help memory. Contrary to the common belief that music serves as a distraction, listening to music actually releases dopamine, m according to, which can impact motivation and effect learning and memory. So when you are cramming for your Spanish quiz in the hall, listening to Justin Bieber on the speakers may actually help you remember your vocabulary terms.
Playing music in the halls is a fun, new way to make school more enjoyable and with time, maybe music will be played in the halls every day instead of just pep rally days.


Maria Hafeez