Movies take over traditions


Drew Lind

It started as kids dressed up in costumes, roaming the streets for candy. Soon, turkeys will be cooked, wreaths will be hung, menorahs will be lit and people will crowd the malls shopping for the perfect presents.

These next few months are described as the most wonderful time of year, and families and groups of friends love to curl up and enjoy a holiday movie. Different genres of movies to get in the holiday spirit range from comedies, to classics, to romance, to animated to horror.

For a classic move, It’s a Wonderful Life is always one of the most popular holiday movies. It is a heartwarming film great for group gatherings or anyone who wants a feel good movie. Miracle on 34th Street is also a popular holiday movie. This classic is a solid film for families and friends to watch around Christmas.

One of the most popular choice of genres is comedy. There’s nothing like a nice laugh to bring family and friends closer together. The movie Elf starring Will Ferrell is a must watch around the holidays. This comedy is great for all ages and never gets old. “Elf is definitely my favorite movie to watch around the holidays, I love watching it with my friends,” junior Kyra Goldstein said.

The good thing about holiday movies is that even children’s movies can be enjoyable for all ages. The animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie for both young and old people Junior Grace Youngstrom loves this particular movie and enjoys watching it this time of year. “I watch Nightmare Before Christmas every year, it’s my favorite holiday movie,” Youngstrom said.

Aside from most holiday movies, there are also specials on television around the holidays, in order to boost ratings. Charlie Brown, which has specials throughout the year highlighting the major holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Junior Eric Quam is a big fan of the special A Charlie Brown Christmas and finds it more interesting than typical holiday movies. “I like the Charlie Brown special because it is different than all the other holiday movies that people watch every year,” Quam said.

Horror movies are also a favorite choice. They can give a break in the clump of heartfelt movies that engulf the holiday. Some of the best ones are Black Christmas, Santa’s Slay, Holidays, New Year’s Evil, etc. The movie Holidays has gotten many reviews. It consists of eight short films, each relating to a different holiday. These movies are able to portray gruesome violence and unrealistic events that drive nerves throughout the watchers. Today, horror movies are growing in popularity as this generation becomes more interested.


Hannah Shapiro

Features Editor