iPhone 7 offers controversial upgrades


Thousands of people worldwide were lined up around the block waiting eagerly for the newest edition to add to their iPhone collection, leaving stores such as Best Buy, Verizon and Sprint to catch up to the growing demand.
On Sept. 7 Apple released their newest model, the iPhone 7, worldwide. According to Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster, the iPhone debuted with 14.3 million in sales.
According to Apple, the iPhone 7 will be splash, water, and dust resistance unlike previous models. Along with the extra protection, the iPhone 7 will feature “an all-new 12MP camera, an A10 Fusion chip, Retina HD display with wide color, stereo speakers and iOS 10.”
Similar to the previous models, the new iPhone will be available in glossy jet black, matte black, rose gold, silver and gold.
Although, each new model has new features the new iPhone changes differ greatly from the old models. “I think the updates are kind of drastic for Apple. I can’t see how they will benefit anyone compared to the old models. But innovations are supposed to be shocking. I hope this innovative design proves useful especially for the price,” sophomore David Mejia said.
The biggest and most shocking change to the new iPhone is the removal of the headphone jack. To be able to listen to music with headphones, users will have to use Apple headphones that are able to be plugged into the charging port. Although users have the choice to pay an extra fee of $159 for the Apple wireless headphones or purchase wireless headphones from other companies.
The new changes to the iPhone have caused some users to keep their old models instead of purchasing the new model.
“I honestly think it’s a downgrade. At this point, it seems like they’re making changes and simply expecting people to buy it because they’re Apple,” junior Nabila Okudo said.
The iPhone 7 will come in the standard storage size of 32GB and 128GB. Unique to only the iPhone 7, however, is the choice of purchasing the 256GB of storage.
Some customers are excited for the changes in the iPhone.
“I love the new innovations for the iPhone even though they are a way different than the old models. But I think people will get used to the new model and it won’t seem so different. People will probably end up getting the newest version,” junior Phoebe Qiu said.


Alyssa Bursie

Photography Editor