Shake Shack shimmies into Kentlands


Photo by Alex Grainger

A new Shake Shack is being built in the Kentlands. The expected time of opening is the first half of 2023. The building is going to be 4,700 square feet.

The Kentlands is a popular hangout spot for teenagers in the Gaithersburg area and will soon host a new Shake Shack.

Shake Shack mainly has burgers, fries and milkshakes, but there are other meals served too. Freshman Nathan Downie enjoys well-made and quick food when hanging around with friends. The new Shake Shack will do just that, bringing even more options and variations of well-cooked food. “I really like Shake Shack. I love their milkshakes and really enjoy their burgers,” Downie said.

Bringing in the new restaurant doesn’t just give students more options when hanging out with friends, but it may also help parents when ordering take out by having more locations nearby, which allows for quicker drives to pick up good food. “I’ll definitely be going more often because of quicker drive times, my parents will be OK to go more,” Downie said.

The addition of Shake Shack will not only benefit residents of Gaithersburg but also benefit Kentlands as well. The restaurant will bring in new customers into the Kentlands, bringing in more income. “I never go to the Kentlands but I may go there just to try Shake Shack,” freshman Gregory Li said.

Students who are at the Kentlands looking for a place to eat may wander into the restaurant if nothing else suits their interest. “I don’t go to Shake Shack but I may if I’m either bored or hungry for their food,” freshman Annalise Yi said.

According to Yi, with all the different food diversity, her family is being lured in because of the fact that there are options. The number of restaurants in the Kentlands excluding Shake Shack brings in more options to hungry customers. “When our family orders take out it’s almost always from the Kentlands,” Yi said.

Downie is hoping to be able to go to the Kentlands with his friends more often because of the new restaurant. He’s hoping that he will be able to invest in better tasting food more often when hanging out with his friends. “Burgers may be one of my favorites, so I was happy when I heard Shake Shack was coming to the Kentlands,” Downie said.

Yi shares the same idea of Li, but she is also wondering with all the new buildings being built if her experience is going to worsen. Yi is hoping that going to the Kentlands will not become a chore.”If building new restaurants means long wait times sitting in a car, I do not want it,” Yi said.