School renovations will cause further parking problems


Some would say the architecture in the school is vintage. It could even be described as a building with interior that has character. Others would call it an abandoned crime scene. The run down lights that take hours to become bright, deteriorating walls and unaccommodating size of the school are all the reasons for the long overdue renovations come summer of 2019.
An entire third floor will be added. In 2000 renovations to the current social studies and English section of the school were made and these will remain. The rest of our 47 year old building will cease to exist.
So, which unlucky bunch will have The current freshman will be seniors when the lot will be under construction. ¨The teachers lot will be completely torn down and unavailable to us so there is definitely going to be parking issues,¨ business manager Philip B. Hill said.
Parking will be unaccessible indefinitely for students and then for teachers when they will eventually tear apart the lower lot. The parallel lines that once represented freedom for countless classes of students at the school will be the staff territory before being torn up itself.
When the renovations happen, students won’t have parking on the campus for at least a year. Revitalization expansion will start in the summer of 2019 and last two years. The entire campus will take a year itself. “The building will take two years and the campus will take one,” Hill said.
Rockshire spots may also become obsolete although it is not set in stone. The current freshman will have nowhere to park if Rockshire renovations begin the same year as the school’s renovations. It will impact and inconvenience parents as well as students. “I will be playing spring and fall sports and it’s disappointing that I can’t have a parking spot that will make my life so much easier senior year,¨ freshman Orly Strauss said.
These facts are disappointing to freshmen who have seen their older siblings bask in the glory of parking at their high school and soak in the freedom that comes with having a license and being able to use it. The renovations will hit this class and disrupt their learning and enjoyment of their senior year. It’s a big price to pay but will be beneficial for classes to come once completed.

Rena Edery

Staff Writer