Cha Tea House offers a cozy break from mall shopping


Photo by Emma Song

A hallway leads from the bustling Tyson’s Corner Mall to the cozy Cha Tea House.

Welcome to the Cha Tea House, a quaint Pakistani café nestled in the heart of the bustling Tyson’s Corner mall. With its vibrant decor and cozy ambiance, this little gem is a perfect spot to connect with friends or take a break from shopping. The café offers a delicious range of traditional Pakistani food and drinks, including fragrant teas and mouth-watering snacks like paratha and samosas. Relax and soak in the vibrant energy of the place while indulging in some authentic flavors. Whether you’re a Pakistani food lover or just looking for a unique dining experience, this little café is sure to delight your senses and leave you feeling satisfied.

The Cha Company opened its main location inside Tyson’s Corner mall, a great location for grabbing customers’ attention. Their entrance is at the edge of the mall, and to enter the cafe customers walk through a beautifully decorated long hallway. There are little fake windows and window box planters filled with bright yellow flowers. Their menu consists of various types of samosa dishes, including the classic samosa, samosa chaat (a chickpea salad samosa), and even a samosa burger. They also have a diverse selection of burrito bowls and salad bowls, drawing inspiration from traditional dishes and ingredients. This includes Seekh and Shammi kabob, as well as Chicken Tikka and Alou, a crispy potato dish. 

And of course, what’s Cha Tea House without tea? Their most popular tea is the Kashmiri Chai, a delicious milk-based green tea that is served with pistachio & almond garnish. For those with nut allergies, they also serve their house tea, which is a Cardamom milk tea. They even have milkshakes, with one prominent drink being the Paan milkshake: it includes fennel seeds, betel leaves, and candied fennel seed garnish.

The owners, Sofhia Qamar, Suhail Kamran, and Saba Qamar are all first-generation Americans, and their goal is to honor their culture and retain the values and principles instilled by their parents. To them, “Cha”, meaning tea, is an integral part of their culture. In Pakistani culture, as well as many Asian cultures, cha is synonymous with family, friends, and home. When looking back in memories, “cha” was the focal point at every family gathering, at every celebration, and at every commemoration. According to the owners, “it was served at every integral moment that changed the course of our lives.” They hope to bring that same feeling of home, family, resilience, and celebration into every cup served at Cha Tea House. 

Next time you’re looking for a place to rest your legs after long hours of shopping, come into Cha Tea House and discover the warmth and hospitality of Pakistani culture, all while enjoying some delicious food and great company.