Bocce team starts season undefeated; Focus set on divisional tournament


Photo by Brendan Glaser

The crowd looks on as junior Nico Marinos takes his roll in part of a team victory over the BCC Barons.

After winning their first match of the season against Whitman, the bocce team was slated to take on Seneca Valley Dec. 19, just before winter break. However, the match was canceled due to illnesses on the teams. Nearly a month later, the bocce team traveled to Walter Johnson to take on the Wildcats, poised to continue their momentum.

Coach Steven McMahon was unavailable for the game due to unexpected circumstances, however, the team started off the match by winning the first game with a score of 3-2. Despite the early advantage, the team felt as though they could do better. The second game was won d with a whopping final score of 16-0. This total was more than double the number the team had scored in any game during the previous match.”We started off slow but we were able to pull out a victory in game one. Game two we jumped on them quickly and ran away with it,” McMahon said.

Heading into their next game against Bethesda Chevy Chase (BCC) , the team continued to practice during lunch that week as McMahon returned. To start off this and every other match, the teams met in the center to begin the coin toss, which decides which team rolls first. BCC won the toss and elected to roll first. The team chose the red color balls as a result of losing the toss. The refs then explained the rules to everybody and the match was underway. “During practice we prepared for the game by going over in-game scenarios and playing against each other, ” junior Jimmy Youssef said.

The pallino, which is the small ball that the teams aim to get closest to, was thrown by BCC. BCCS’ first roll was close to the pallino. However, the Patriot’s first roll was even closer. After all four balls were rolled by each team, the team earned a point with their ball closest as the score was 1-0 Patriots. The teams would then switch sides as they do after every series of roles are completed and the Patriots would then roll first. BCC would eventually end up with the two closest balls after knocking one of their balls closer on the final roll. The last series of rolls before the 30 minute game would come to a close was a crucial point in the match. The first three BCC rolls had too much power as they overshot the pallino. However, a key turning point took place as on BCC’s fourth roll when they knocked the pallino all the way to the end of the court. This would have given BCC the lead before going into the second game as they had the three closest balls at that point. The Patriots responded as sophomore McKenna Kupersmith rolled the last ball closest to the pallino, surpassing the opposing three balls, resulting in the team leading 4 -3 after the first game.

The Patriots would go on to win the match after a dominant performance in the second game,earning a 9-1 victory. This would improve their record this season to 3-0 . The bocce team has one more regular season match as they visit Churchill before the divisional playoffs are underway.