Puttin’ on the Hitz was wicked good


Photo Courtesy @woottonclassof2026 on Instagram

The Class of 2026 was proud to receive the $100 check after winning the class competition.

It’s the greatest show of the year: Puttin’ on the Hitz. (POTH) is a lip syncing and dance competition between individuals, groups, clubs and class acts. Each of the different groups competes to win $100, as well as the title of POTH champion.

Senior Planning (Splanning) put on the show on Dec. 1, hosted in the auditorium. This year was the first year the show has been back to normal, with no COVID restrictions. The show’s theme this year was Broadway, with class acts filled with Mamma Mia, the Lion King, Hamilton, Grease and High School Musical.

In between acts, Splanning puts on different skits, this year themed by different musicals. The math department was featured in a “Mean Girls” themed video skit. Junior Madison Moorhead, a participant in the Class of 2024’s act, said “My favorite part of POTH was both performing in my class act and watching the skits with the teachers.”

Starting with individual acts, the night had all types of lip syncing and dancing. The different performances varied from K-pop to Britney Spears. Senior Emma Song took first place, winning $100 for the individual act.

Second came group acts, ranging from comedy to K-pop. Song and fellow senior Sophie Zhang performed a dance and won first place along with the $100 prize. Prisma, last year’s group winners featured Song as well who participated in four acts total, a solo act, a duo, Prisma and the poms dance.

Next featured in the night were club acts, with clubs such as the National Honor Society, Bollywood, K-pop, girls’ soccer, poms and the SGA all performing. The K-pop club took the win, dancing to well liked K-pop music, a popular type of act within POTH the past three years.

The night finished off with the long awaited and most competitive class acts, leaving the audience at the edge of their seats for the results. The freshman, sophomores and juniors faced off to win $100 to go to their class and their activities. Freshman Jenny Brailovsky enjoyed her first year competing. “My favorite part of POTH was winning the freshman class act, and performing with my friends,” Brailovsky said.

Students participated in POTH not only for the experience, but also to help their class win the money to help support class fundraising for activities like junior banquet and prom. Junior Coby Pinto appreciated his time at POTH, and liked having the opportunity to contribute to his class. He enjoyed “being able to have a fun time with my friends and doing something that will help our class,” Pinto said.

The freshman ultimately won the class act, defeating the juniors, ending their one-year long win streak. After a monumental freshman win, the juniors came in second place and the sophomores came in third place.

POTH was a success and ended with an outstanding plot twist that shocked the audience.