Students learn how to give back this Thanksgiving season

With Thanksgiving coming up on Nov. 24, students are looking to get involved in the community.

Photo used with permission from Google Commons

With Thanksgiving coming up on Nov. 24, students are looking to get involved in the community.

The holidays are the perfect time to give back to those who are less fortunate than you are. With Thanksgiving coming up, everyone is preparing for a big feast with their family and loved ones, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have those opportunities. Help give back to the community this Thanksgiving and do some good for people who are in need.

A common and easy way to give back this Thanksgiving is to donate food to a local food shelter near you. This Thanksgiving, World Hunger Facts says that more than 828 million people will be without food, so every meal counts. Senior Jessica Winson donates meals every year around Thanksgiving and loves the feeling of helping those less fortunate than her. “Every year me and my family prepare meals and drop them off at the homeless shelter. It feels great to know that we’re providing food for those who don’t have as much as we do,” Winson said.

In addition to making meals, organizations also need people to help deliver food to different places. Montgomery County Volunteer Center is a place nearby looking for people to help distribute food this Thanksgiving break. There are many families in need and every meal means a lot.

For people looking to get more hands on, the Salvation army is having the 20th annual Safeway Feast of Sharing. The free meal is served by volunteers to almost 5,000 members of our community. The actual event is on Nov. 27 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, but they also need help with food prep and clothing distribution on the days leading up to the event. Senior Abraham Labban is familiar with Salvation Army and the Feast of Sharing. “Most years I donate meals to the Salvation Army at Thanksgiving, but I have never volunteered at the actual meal. If possible this year I would like to try and go because it helps a lot of people who don’t have any food for Thanksgiving,” Labban said.

Getting involved in the community doesn’t mean you have to donate food or help at a food shelter; another option to bring people joy this Thanksgiving is to participate in the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade on Nov. 19. The parade is the only one in the area and will include marching bands, dancing groups and inflatables. The parade is looking for volunteers 13 or older to dress up in costumes and handle the balloons. Junior Holden O’Brien has seen the parade and enjoyed it. “I saw the parade two years ago and it was awesome. If anyone is available to help that day I encourage them to because it’s easy work and they need all the help they can get,” O’Brien said.

But the best way to give back this Thanksgiving season is to appreciate everything we have and to thank those who have given us what we have.