Social media, trendy brands affect fall fashion


Photo courtesy Saurav Khetan

Senior Saurav Khetan plans his outfit for school on Nov. 16.

Freshman Somto Aniagboso sits in geometry class wearing white Converse and Nike socks. Sophomore Isabella Hovian wears sweatpants from Urban Outfitters to yoga class. ASL teacher Lea Clark teaches in an all Target outfit. Freshman Urielle Ngako wears a shirt from H&M in biology class. Freshman Aava Nik stands in the girls’ locker room before class in Lululemon leggings and a Brandy Melville zip up. Freshman Mia Stubbins wears an American Eagle shirt in an eight period ASL class. Sophomore Jamie Allen wears Aerie leggings in a fourth period history class.

Students constantly look toward social media, their favorite brands and their predictions for fall trends as influence or inspiration while they use clothing to express themselves.

Students often track fashion trends through what their favorite stores are selling. Senior Natalia Colomo said her favorite brand was Aerie. P.E. teacher Maggie Dyer said her favorite brands are Under Armour, Atleta, and Lilly Pulitzer. Freshman Rebecca Hwang loves Brandy Melvile, Lululemon, and Urban Outfitters. Everyone has a different sense of style. Clothing “lets people express themselves,” Allen said.

Freshman and fashion designer Chloe Ayissi-Etoh corroborated the importance of clothing. “It’s a big way for you to represent how you feel. It’s something every human does, it’s a daily part of the day. We have to get dressed, we have to buy clothes,” Ayissi- Etoh said.
Prominent social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc often have an impact on fashion as students look to it for guidance into what’s in style. “Social media has an impact on fashion as it informs people on trends and what to wear,” Allen said.

Students often look towards social media to find out where fashion is going. “Social media has become one of the biggest outpoints and inputs for fashion. That’s how trends get started,” Ayissi-Etoh said.

Furthermore, students often look towards celebrities and influencers for ideas and inspiration for fashion. “I would say inspiration to me is probably Kim Kardashian or Ross Lynch in style,” freshman Gryhon Breckstein said.

Ayissi-Etoh believes that turtlenecks are a timeless staple and predicts leather jackets might be making a comeback this fall. Allen guesses that North Face puffer jackets will be in, as well as browns and neutrals.

Trends come and go throughout time. But this fall Breckstein predicts jeans and flannels with either Nike air forces or Ugg slippers will be the trend of the season.
Years ago, female students had to wear skirts or dresses to school where now they can wear sweatpants. In addition, different styles and trends go in, out and come back throughout the years. “I think fashion has become more open to new styles like neon, neutral colors, different types of cuts in shirts, and unique accessories,” Hwang said.

According to Ayissi-Etoh, the most important thing is feeling good in your clothing. “You don’t have to follow trends. Let’s be real, be comfortable in our clothing,” Ayissi-Etoh said.