Students looking forward to fun Thanksgiving break


Image used with permission from Google Commons

Students have fun activities planned for their upcoming Thanksgiving break.

From food to football and likely more food, the excitement of Thanksgiving is budding as students are beginning to finalize their plans. From hanging out with friends and family to watching football, and of course eating mountains of food, students have exciting activities planned over their upcoming break.

Thanksgiving break is a time for activities and there are multiple things students are looking forward to. Junior Jackson Beaver is most looking forward to seeing his family and friends. “I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and family over the Thanksgiving break and participating in different events with them,” Beaver said.

Beaver supports the Thanksgiving week schedule and looks forward to using the available time he has to do activities he enjoys. “This is only our second long break of the school year so I want to make sure I use it wisely and try not to overeat and stuff myself with turkey so I can also enjoy the weekend before school starts back up again,” Beaver said.

Junior Evan Geisner said he spends every Thanksgiving having dinner with his family and hanging out with friends during the off days from school.“I am doing much of the same activities I do every year, which is dinner with my family, watching the football games and hanging out with my friends,” Geisner said.

However, Geisner is disappointed he has to go to school at all next week as he feels it ruins what should be a complete week off to celebrate the holiday. “Although I can do all the activities that I want, I do not like the Thanksgiving week schedule at all and I feel that it would be better if it was one full school day rather than two half days or no school at all because it dampens the excitement surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday and is useless especially if we are not going to be doing anything in school,” Geisner said.

Geisner believes if there was no school during Thanksgiving week students would have more time to have fun with their friends and possibly do more activities that are memorable than just having a few days to do it. “I think I could do more activities with my friends over Thanksgiving break especially considering I always have dinner with my family and the two half days take away time that could be used for me and my friends to do fun activities together before I have to go to college in a couple school years,” Geisner said.

Although the schedule is a concern for students, there are still activities to look forward to, such as celebrating and seeing family or hanging out with friends. “This Thanksgiving break will have fun activities and I am looking forward to it,” Beaver said.

Until then, students have to wait just a little bit longer to celebrate the holiday we can all be thankful for.