Hangry Joe’s grows popular locally


Photo by Brendan Glaser

The new Hangry Joe’s Hot Chicken restaurant opens in Trivilah square. Unique levels of spice intrigue customers locally. The menu is rather simple but includes some twists.

Hangry Joe’s is a Nashville hot chicken inspired restaurant owned by Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt owner Derek Cha and business partner Mike Kim. There are multiple locations in Maryland and  Virginia as well as locations in New Jersey and Texas. The franchise’s most recent location in Maryland opened in Travilah Square this past August just minutes from school. 

I had the chance to go there for the first time Monday on Labor Day and it was crowded. The place isn’t that big but all the seats were filled throughout the restaurant and there was no outdoor seating as it’s a small location. There are two options to order, either on a touch screen or at the counter directly with the cashier. 

I ordered a “ Chicken Sando” on the touch screen, which cost $10.75. I also got a side of waffle fries for $4.25, which is a bit pricey for a side item. The menu also includes popular items such as Korean chicken nuggets, chicken and waffles and bubble tea. These trendy options appeal to younger audiences and can keep Hangry Joe’s going strong. 

Five levels of spice are options for each chicken item, ranging from no heat to “Angry Hot.” The menu says the plain (no heat) option “may be a little spicy.” However, the most shocking part of the heat/spicy level is that a waiver is needed to order an angry hot item. The waiver states that you must be at least 18 years of age to order an Angry Hot item and also says that by signing off you acknowledge physiological injury, pain, disability and even death are extremely rare possibilities. One employee said ”It made me cry for 15 minutes.” 

I chose to go a different route and order a mild sandwich, which turned out to be surprisingly spicy. It took 20 minutes for my food to arrive which was longer than I expected but understandable considering it was a crowded holiday weekend. The sandwich turned out to be good and the side of fries with honey mustard was a great addition to the meal, balancing out the heat. 

Overall I would rate the meal a seven and a half out of 10 since the sandwich and fries were definitely above average but not amazing. I went back again a few weeks later and ordered chicken bites for $7.95. with “no heat.” It wasn’t spicy but still had more of a kick than I was anticipating. I found the chicken bites to be better than the “Chicken Sando” but both were good options. I would have to give the chicken bites an eight out of 10, meaning the overall Hangry Joe’s experience was solid.