Seniors enjoy spring break, bask in sun on Punta Cana trip


Imagine spending your spring break lounging on the beach with all of your closest friends as you say good bye to high school. From April 7 to 12, 21 seniors and their family members traveled south to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, adjacent to the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, for the annual senior spring break trip.
For five days, they enjoyed the sunshine, warm temperature and sandy beaches at the Royalton, a resort on the beach. The resort contained numerous restaurants, a water park, beachfront and water activities. “The hotel was really nice and the workers were so kind and made us feel comfortable,” senior Elizabeth Band said.
To start their days off the group would enjoy a group breakfast together on the beach before separating to do their own activities for the day. Punta Cana is known for their windsurfing, sailing, oceans and zip lines. Most spent their days either tanning on the beach, going tubing in the ocean or exploring the coast. “One day we went on a boat ride to snorkel and then got lunch. Otherwise, we spent most days just hanging out after dinner and on the beach,” senior Meredith Murdock said.
After doing their activities for the day, the group would rejoin and prepare for dinner. Dinner was held at the resort where the seniors were given the opportunity to try the local food of the Dominican Republic.
Some seniors were also able to visit the city and connect with the locals. “We met some of the workers when we were going on the boat ride and he showed us pics of his house and it was cute. The city was very rundown and clearly in poverty and that was sad,” said Murdock.
Every year, the seniors are able to come together and take their annual spring break trip. “It was great to be with your high school friends for a week. It was a once in a lifetime experience,” senior Emma Weinstein said.

Alyssa Bursie

Photo Editor