Student spirit shines in spring pep rally, spirit weeks


Photo by Lizzie Nelson

The track and field team receives applause as one of several spring sports featured at the spring pep rally. Senior Elvin Mun flipped to entertain the students.

In recent weeks, students have been showcasing their spirit at events such as the spring pep rally and school spirit weeks planned by the SGA. These school-wide spirit events have been a way of taking pressure off the end of a long school year, especially for seniors.

This past pep rally was one to remember as it was the last chance of the year for students to come together and exemplify school spirit. Both new and traditional performances and events came into play. One of the new ideas introduced was teacher dares. These are requests by students for dares that the selected teacher must perform at the pep rally. For this year’s dare, three students were able to pie a teacher of their choice in the face. However, some students thought that the teacher dares could have been more developed and included more than just one dare. Senior Morgan Hendriksson saw this event as a missed opportunity. “They could have done more than just throw cream into teachers’ faces,” Hendriksson said.

In addition to the teacher’s dares, traditional events such as tug of war took place. One of the tug-of-war competitions was sophomores and juniors against freshmen and seniors. The sophomores and juniors came away with the victory, although the seniors would get revenge by winning the noise competition at the end of the pep rally. “Playing tug of war against the juniors and sophomores was the most memorable moment of this year’s spring pep rally for me, though it ended in a crushing defeat,” senior Justin McGraw said, a participant in the tug-of-war competition.

Along with the pep rally, spirit weeks have been planned throughout the year by the SGA in which each day of the week entails a different theme of what to wear to school that particular day. One of the unique days during the most recent spirit week was to bring something to school that wasn’t a backpack but use it as a backpack. Students got creative with this concept and brought rather unconventional items. “Someone brought a stroller and another student brought their sister to hold their stuff,” junior Bill Godnick said.