Second semester update: Seniors strive to finish college application process


Photo courtesy peaceoutpatriots22 on Instagram

An Instagram post celebrates senior Jaimie Morris on her recent commitment to Tulane University.

As the members of the class of 2022 are now officially second semester seniors, they are almost done with their final year of high school and are finalizing their plans for the coming year. Colleges have been releasing their decisions these past weeks and students are starting to consider their options.

It feels so nice to be done, like a sigh of relief. I am so happy and Tulane was definitely my dream school.”

— Jaimie Morris

Students have committed to schools. Senior Jaimie Morris committed to Tulane University in early February. “It feels so nice to be done, like a sigh of relief. I am so happy and Tulane was definitely my dream school,” Morris said.

On the other hand, some students are still anxious about where they will end up. With many decisions still not available, it is nerve wracking. Senior Ethan Fayne is still waiting for some of his top schools’ decisions to come out. “It is annoying that I have to wait a while to hear back from more schools, but I am happy that I have heard back from a few of mine,” Fayne said.

There are schools who don’t release their decisions until April, giving students only a month to decide. “I want to be done and know where I am going, but I still have to wait a few more months to even hear back from some of my schools,” senior Elizabeth Stepanov said. 

Seniors are visiting their accepted schools and trying to gauge which they like best. Senior Emily Levine is taking the next few weekends to visit schools. “I pretty much have my options down to a few, but haven’t decided which school is best for me yet. I am hoping the visits help me decide,” Levine said.

Senior Keerthi Padmanabhan doesn’t know where she is going yet, but is glad the hard part of the process is over. “I feel really happy now that the college application process is over. At first, I felt pretty nervous about getting my decisions back but now I feel more excited than nervous. It is really nice to have more time to hang out with friends too now that the college application chaos has subsided,” Padmanabhan said.

The class of 2022 has a send off Instagram page, where students who have committed to college can fill out a form to be featured. Their post includes a baby picture, recent picture, the name of their school and their major. Senior Olivia Kim was recently featured for her commitment to Tufts University. “It’s so fun to see where everyone is going next year and I was excited to be posted,” Kim said.