Does Cobra Kai live up to the hype?


Image used with permission from Google Commons

Cobra Kai season four released on Dec. 31, 2021.

Reboots of movies always draw in large crowds by appealing to nostalgia. Despite high viewership, they are generally an underwhelming money grab that disgusts  fans. Some prime examples of failed reboots are, The Matrix, which just recently came out, It and Planet of the Apes. So coming into this show, Karate Kid fanatics were praying not to be disappointed. 

Cobra Kai season four was released on Netflix on Dec. 31, 2021. Seasons one, two and three were exciting, bringing an old-school feel to the series. If you watch the show, it would remind you of older movies that keep you on the edge of your seat. But as film fans know, every reboot has its problems. 

Season four is not the same, and it might as well be a different show. Where the first three seasons remind you of the movies, season four loses touch with what the movies were truly about. The introduction of the antagonist seems forced and doesn’t make sense. The manner in which they are integrated into the show just doesn’t go over well. 

Another issue to the series is the build-up. Because the show has so many things going on, it completely glosses over the hard work put in by either side. Although moments of the training are captured, they do not provide what all true fans are looking for: the character development not just as a person, but as a fighter. The fans want to watch characters improve and couldn’t care less about what is happening in the show. It is almost as if the director did not have the motivation to put in an extra episode or two in order to fill the lack of training. 

The bright side is the ending. Although it comes rather quick, it is a great way to bring the viewers back for future seasons. There are pivotal actions and choices made by the characters that fans don’t seem to understand, which is a great way to lead into the next season. They also do a good job of ending all of the side plots. Clarity is provided for everything that needs it, while crucial cliff hangers still remain for the next season. Now the fans must wait to see how season five unravels and whether or not it will be the finale.