Halloween Kills: The movie disappoints, does not live up to fan hype


Photo courtesy IMDb

Halloween Kills official movie poster.

Halloween Kills, the sequel to Halloween (2018), hit theatres on Oct. 15. Fans expected an even better slasher than its original, but it does not live up to the hype. This is another classic slasher movie and the legend of Micheal Myers will go on forever.

The movie follows Micheal Myers, who was in the previous film presumed dead in a fire, caused by returning character Lauri Strode.  He miraculously survives by hiding in a room, until firemen come. He then kills the firemen and goes on another killing spree. Lauri Strode is in the hospital after the haunting 20 years of pain and suffering she has gone through. The Strode family takes it upon themselves to defeat Micheal Myers with a trap. When it fails, he kills everyone one by one and goes back into his original house. 

This sequel disappointed fans as they were expecting a more impactful storyline and the end of Micheal Myers but the plot hints at even more movies. There is a scene where Micheal Myers is cornered by 10 people and they all have weapons. “ I was watching the scene where Micheal Myers was cornered and I felt like this would be the end of him, but he survives five shots and a knife, and kills everyone. That was the best scene of the whole movie,”  sophomore Kasia Dokhaee said.

Although the movie and kills are well-produced, people are arguing that it is just like the other Halloween movies and that it follows the same plot of Micheal Myers going on a rampage of murders and facing the main characters at the end. “I am a big Micheal Myers fan but this movie did not appease me it was just the same where Micheal Myers puts on the mask and kills everyone but I like how they didn’t put all the main characters and put different people that he kills,” sophomore Anthony Johnson said.

After the trap Karen Nelson (Lauri Strode’s daughter) sets up, Micheal narrowly escapes and in the dying moments of the movie he sneaks up behind Lindsey and murders her. “ I felt bad when Karen Strode died because she had tried so hard to finish Micheal Myers off and end the massacres but she fails, now it is up to Karen’s daughter Allyson,” sophomore Angel Escobar said.

Halloween Kills is currently sitting at a 40% Rotten Tomato score, whereas the first movie score was 80%. It also sits at a 71% audience score, while the original has an 81% audience score. It is clear that people enjoyed the original Halloween more than Halloween Kills.