What’s Underway in SGA: Getting in the holiday spirit


Photo by Nico DePalma

Members of SGA prepare backstage to perform their dance at POTH Dec. 16.

As we close in on winter break, SGA has another successful POTH performance and door decorating competition under its belt. To boost student spirit for the new year and kick off the season of giving, SGA is also hosting a Toys for Tots donation drive and winter-themed spirit week.

Following weeks of continuous practice, SGA was excited to perform its dance routine for the annual POTH competition, hosted by Senior Planning. Their routine featured hit songs from Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” to “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson, and was choreographed by seniors and SGA members Lizzy Jack and Jaimie Morris.

A refreshing change from last year’s virtual format, SGA held its annual winter door decorating contest to energize homeroom classes before the break. Each class was provided with paper and given the challenge of creating the most festive and decorative door, for the ultimate prize of a free three dozen donuts. 

Though she didn’t see much interest in the competition from her homeroom class, senior Kristen Wang is still looking forward to winter break. “Most people are pretty excited to get out of school because people are going on vacation. I am looking forward to spirit week pajama day,” Wang said.

SGA has partnered with Toys for Tots for their annual donation drive. Toys for Tots is an organization that collects donations during the holiday season in order to help provide less fortunate children with gifts. Between Dec. 7 and Dec. 22, students can place their donations in designated boxes located in the main office, Media Center and room 146. 

SGA is also welcoming online donations during the drive. Interested students can visit ​​this link (also located in the @woottonsga Instagram bio) to donate. 

A fundamental aspect of SGA’s work is partnering with Montgomery County Regional (MCR) SGA to advocate on behalf of the school and its students. MCR holds general assemblies where county SGAs can get updates and hold discussions with the SMOB. 

Junior and SGA member Vivek Majumdar, a major advocate for resolving the school’s issues of ADA noncompliance, frequently attended these meetings last year. “Right now, Wootton SGA’s primary involvement with MCR is to try to spread advocacy for the ADA compliance issues Wootton has, as well as the ones that exist across the county,” Majumdar said. “All of our work culminates into so many different policies and so many different ways of looking at it, but our main goal is getting these kids who go to Wootton who have disabilities a learning environment where they can learn safely, adequately and with ease.”

Any interested student can get involved with MCR, regardless of whether or not they are a member of SGA. “They have rolling applications throughout the year. You can go on their website, see what positions are available and if you find one you think you would be a good fit in and you want to explore MCR and get some experience in that arena, just apply,” Majumdar said.

No break would be complete without an accompanying spirit week. This year, students can dress up on Dec. 17 – 22 for Ugly Sweater Friday, Pajama Monday, Swinter Tuesday and Iced Out Wednesday. 

For students unsure about these terms, “swinter” entails wearing summer clothes in winter, and “iced out” means to be decorated in jewelry. Of course, creative spins on these days are always welcome. “Although we had to work around the shortened week for break, I think a spirit week is exactly what people need to have some fun during a rather stressful time before the holidays,” senior and SGA member Leona Berhane said.