What’s cookin’ in D.C.: three unique restaurants you need to try


Photo by Tom Bridge

Union Market, located walking distance from the Noma-Gallaudet U metro station, has over 90 small stores with food options ranging from fresh seafood to charcuterie.

Are you tired of going to the same restaurant, sitting down at the same table, and eating the same food? Are you looking for a fun new culinary experience? Rest assured there are different, more fun ways to fill up your stomach. 

Minibar by Jose Andres

Minibar is a two-time Michelin star restaurant (a Michelin star is a culinary award only given to the best restaurants) located in D.C.. But be wary, between the high profile of the restaurant, the quality of the food and the amazing eating experience, you might spend a lot of money to fill yourself up.

Minibar is not known for its fancy food, but rather for putting a unique science twist on ordinary food. For example, instead of serving plain old salad before the entree, they serve a “frozen salad” for a more chilling experience, according to Yelp. And instead of just serving caviar, they present it by putting the caviar inside a snail’s shell. 

But more unique than their food is their bar, also called the “cocktail laboratory” according to Minibar’s website. In addition to premium scotches, they serve cocktails, frozen with liquid nitrogen, and served in lego cups. But do remember that you must be at least 21 years old to order alcoholic cocktails.

Union Market

The Union Market, located on 5th St NE in D.C., is not your average food court. It is filled with 37 unique little eateries that differ from your typical restaurant, including food from all genres of cuisine.

On Toast is one of the customer favorite restaurants in the Union Market, according to Yelp. Like it says in the name, On Toast puts everything on toast, including “Avocado Toast, Bacon Egg & Cheese, Steak Egg & Cheese and Pesto & Eggs” and more, according to the Union Market website.

Another unique restaurant in the Union Market is UZU, which offers Japanese comfort food – a rare find in the US. “When Hiroaki Mitsui [the owner of UZU] first came to DC to play semi-professional basketball, he couldn’t find the Japanese comfort food that he craved,” according to the Union Market website. 

In addition to UZU, there is another great eatery in the Union Market. If you are looking for a great location to eat, just walk up a flight of stairs to Hi-Lawn at the rooftop, the rooftop bar and picnic area at Union Market. Along with “picnics, lawn games and outdoor music, all with stunning 360-degree city views.” 


Perry’s is a high-end sushi restaurant, specializing in maki rolls, nigiri and sashimi, located on Columbia Rd NW in D.C.. But more interesting than its food is the environment around it. Perry’s rooftop seating offers a 360 degree view of D.C., illuminated by a canopy of festive lights. This beautiful eating experience makes it a popular place for parties and events.