Guy Fieri’s new restaurant Flavortown Kitchen delivers everything but flavor


Photo by Betty Berhane

Senior Betty Berhane orders a variety of food from Guy Fieri’s new pop-up restaurant Flavortown Kitchen

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri, most known as the host of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, has opened a series of pop up restaurants titled Flavortown Kitchen, one of them being located in the Kentlands. Fieri has partnered with restauranter Robert Earl to launch Flavortown Kitchens. The pop-ups don’t have their own location, but will operate out of existing restaurants owned by Earl. In Kentlands, the Flavortown Kitchen conducts its business from Buca di Beppo. 

The delivery-only pop-ups feature a small menu of American style appetizers, entrees, salads, sides and desserts. Today I, with the help of my family, will be reviewing a range of entrees, a side and a dessert that came in extremely cool packaging. If you don’t believe me and want to try for yourself, you can order online here

The Real Cheezy Burger

Disclaimer: I don’t eat red meat, so this review will be based off of the opinions of my sister. The Real Cheezy Burger is your standard cheeseburger: 80/20 ground beef, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and donkey sauce all underneath a garlic buttered brioche bun. According to my sister, the best part of the burger was the garlicky brioche bun. The bun was very soft and the garlic butter gave it that nice taste that you get with garlic bread. Other than that, it was quite the average cheeseburger. 

The Crazy Cuban Sandwich

Another disclaimer: I also don’t eat pork, so this review will be based off of the opinions of my mother. The Crazy Cuban Sandwich is a pressed hoagie filled with smoked ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and donkey sauce, as well as a side of crispy potato sticks. According to my mom, the sandwich tasted good, but the cheese was cold upon arrival so it needed to be warmed up. There was nothing special about it. The crispy potato sticks were definitely more crispy than potato. It tasted like you were eating a chip version of a french fry. Even after dunking them in ketchup, mom and I were not big fans. 

Morgan’s Veggie Burger

Now this is something I actually ate. Morgan’s Veggie Burger consisted of a scratch made veggie patty, lettuce, tomato, crispy onions, pickles, and donkey sauce on a toasted brioche bun. While this does sound delicious in theory, the frozen veggie burgers I get from Giant taste better than this mediocrity . The patty was way too thick and lacked flavor. While it was a black bean patty, all it tasted like was flavorless black beans. The crispy onions and brioche bun were nice touch, but unfortunately they just couldn’t save this burger. 

Cajun Chicken Alfredo

Similar to the veggie burger, this dish also was lacking in the spice department. This pasta is made with penne rigate covered in a white wine parmesan alfredo sauce topped with Cajun spice blackened chicken and sun dried tomatoes. Although Cajun is in the name, I couldn’t taste a drop of seasoning in the sauce. The chicken was nice and made the pasta taste more bearable, but not good enough to ever want to eat this again. 

Fried Pickles & Ranch

Before we get to the taste, we have to first discuss how cold these were upon first bite. Because this is a delivery only restaurant, there was not a single crunch in the breading by the time I put the pickle in my mouth. I had to put it in my airfryer in order to enjoy it at its full potential. After I did so, it was heavenly. If you are a pickle fan, these would definitely be something you would enjoy. The pickle itself was good, but the ranch made it even better, and this is coming from someone who would rather eat dirt than ranch, 

Cheesecake Challenge 

Alas, we come to dessert. For someone who is not normally a fan of cheesecake, this one was immaculate. This was a classic New York cheesecake with a chocolate crust topped with salted potato chips, crushed pretzels, and a fudge sauce. While the cheesecake itself tasted phenomenal, I wasn’t able to enjoy the crunch and saltiness from the potato chips and pretzels because they were very stale. The slice of cake was also extremely small, so personally I don’t think it was worth the price.