Shows come back in person with history-breaking additions


Photo by Olivia Smith

Jojo Siwa and Jenna Johnson are the first same sex couple on Dancing with the Stars; Ariana Grande joins Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as a coach on The Voice.

TV shows are returning in-person after almost two years of virtual audiences and extreme COVID-19 restrictions. They are coming back with a bang with new additions to cast lists and history-breaking insertions of the LGBTQ+ community.

Dancing with the Stars has returned with their 30th season this year. They have their in-person audience back as well. The original coaches are back, but they have added the world-renowned Derek Hough to their judges’ panel. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel, Len Goodman couldn’t return for season 29 and Hough filled in, but both are back and better than ever.

In addition to the hiring of Hough, they also have a talented cast list. This year the cast ranges from members of Bachelor Nation to influential Peleton instructor Cody Rigsby. The biggest news was when they announced Jojo Siwa was in the cast.

Siwa just last year came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Her coming-out story was influential to her growing demographic. Dancing with the Stars announced that she and her partner, Jenna Johnson Chmerkovskiy, will be the first same-sex couple ever on the show.

So far, the reaction has been extremely positive and Siwa has received a ton of support from both her and the show’s fans. They have gotten some of the highest scores of the season for their first four dances. They even received the first nines of the season.

In other news, The Voice has just begun their 21st season this year. They also have their in-person audience back as well and are currently finishing up the Battles round of this season. 

They have also made a new addition to their judges’ panel. The show added Ariana Grande as their new judge this season. Her addition has had positive reactions with both the viewers and the producers.

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest musical artists of this generation. With her influence and huge fan base, Grande has gained the show a ton of viewers. In addition, there is a lot of anticipation about the number of votes her team will receive due to her large following. 

Her following has become quite threatening to the other coaches on the show. The other coaches believe that Grande has a high chance of winning this season. These odds have also caught the attention of the producers of the show.

There have been talks of replacing the older coaches with younger, more relevant artists, that way the younger demographic would relate more and tune in to the show every week, raising the views.

With decreased restrictions, shows are now open to more possibilities and storylines. There is a lot to look forward to.