Senior reflection: My advice to underclassmen


Photo by Sydney Schless

Commons Editor Amanda Schless will be attending Syracuse University in the fall.

My last day as a high school student is approaching at fast speed; I wish I could step on the brakes for just a few moments to reminisce on my past four years at Wootton. The nostalgia is real and I am not sure how I feel about it. I am ecstatic to indulge into the next chapter of my life as a student at Syracuse University but a part of me is extremely sad to leave behind all of my family and friends… especially my dog. If I were to give underclassmen one piece of advice, it would be to prioritize your time to finding your true self.

Simply put, when I say prioritize your time to finding your true self, take the time to be selfish and not worry about anyone else. This is much easier said than done because as teenagers, we are always worrying about what everyone else will think or say when in reality, none of it will matter in five years down the line. What will actually matter is the time we spent in high school preparing for our futures. I wish I had this information when I was a freshman at Wootton. Your mental health matters. At times it will seem hard, but there are so many people advocating for you who are willing to guide you.

 “Try out for as many sports teams as you can,” they say. “Complete your homework on time and stay organized in all of your classes so you don’t fall behind,” so you’ve been told. All of these things are completely true and necessary information to have when starting high school but in my opinion, none of it matters if you are not focusing on yourself. 

The more I reflect, the more I recall all of the amazing teachers at Wootton that have helped me along my journey. Yes, I have found my friends in high school who I hope to be friends with for the rest of my life, but they are not what come to mind as I reflect. I still remember my first encounter with every single teacher I have had over the years, some definitely more pleasant and memorable than others, but regardless of their status, they are the ones who have encouraged me and guided me to becoming my true self in high school. One piece of advice I have for anyone reading this and what I wish I knew before, is to disregard any rumors or statements that have been made about your teachers. Let you be the judge of what kind of teacher they are and more importantly, the kind of person they are. 

High school can be an intimidating place at times, I won’t lie. But whatever you do, try and remember why you are there: to prepare yourself for the future. Make it count.