Good things to know about coming into school for freshmen


Photo by Ryan McGraw

For freshmen returning to in-person learning, these past few weeks have been the first time they’ve ever stepped foot in this building.

Everyone was, or at least is, going to be a freshman in high school at least once. Going into a new school can be daunting, especially during a global pandemic. Many of the freshmen this year have never even been inside of the building yet. Luckily for you, I have simplified going to in-person high school for the first time into three categories. Knowing your way around the campus, making friends, and staying safe, especially during a pandemic. 

High school can be a confusing place, literally and figuratively. The school is probably bigger than your past ones and has more students. For me, the high school had close to 20 times more students than my middle school. Finding your way around the campus can be difficult and that’s why for the first week or so I suggest carrying around a map, or at least a schedule of your classes that contains the room number of each class. Thankfully, the school is going to be way less full than years past, so it should be easier to find your way around. The halls often have signs sharing what room numbers the hallway will contain, which should also help you on your journey.

Junior Charlotte Rollins suggests a similar approach. “Take a picture of the school map and make it your phone lock screen so whenever you don’t know where to go you can easily just look at your phone. After a while, you get used to things and you won’t need it anymore,” Rollins said.

Another important part of freshman year is making friends and that has been especially hard this year due to online learning. Returning to in-person classes will be your first real time seeing some of your classmates in person and your chance to make new friends. Undoubtedly it will be harder this year due to all the Covid restrictions that need to be followed, but if you do ever find yourself in a situation where you have the opportunity to talk to someone you don’t know, take it. If you don’t know what to talk about, just talk about how much you dislike school or your least favorite class, it works every time. 

Join a club and actively participate in it. Make sure to go even on days you have a lot of homework or feel tired.”

— Dave Sanyal

If you don’t want to take my advice, take the advice of senior Dave Sanyal. “Join a club and actively participate in it. Make sure to go even on days you have a lot of homework or feel tired,” Sanyal said.

Just as important it is to know your way around the building or make friends, being healthy and safe is just as important. Make sure you are staying six feet apart and wearing your mask at all times. Also, follow any rules or procedures the school has put into place to make sure students and staff are safe. Remember it is your responsibility to prevent yourself and others from catching Covid. 

Overall, just try to have fun. You only are a freshman once, so make the most of it.