How juniors can survive upcoming college application season


Photo courtesy Will Margarites

Senior Will Margarites has committed to Indiana University.

The dreaded college application process is coming up quickly for soon-to-be seniors. And after watching this process in this crazy year, you might feel hopeless. But not to worry, this article has crafted together the best tips for you to help ease your worry about the college application process.

First things first, keep yourself organized and make a schedule. Over the summer while you still want to have fun, build a schedule to stay on top of the essays that you have to write for all of your schools. This can allow for you to set deadlines that you feel will put you in the best position possible. Having these essays done sooner rather than later puts you in a better position to have them looked over more by peers and teachers, for you to incorporate other ideas while you sit on your essay idea and gives you buffer time just in case something may happen. A schedule also allows for you to see the success you will further have in the long run and can ease some of your stress if you feel overwhelmed.

Next, make sure you are showing continued interest in the schools you are applying to. This shows to the school that you are highly interested in them and you really want to go here. This is important for them to see this interest and also can be a positive factor that can be added to your file that shows up when they are considering your application. Steps include attending virtual events, visiting the schools, emailing the representatives and talking to the advisers at the schools, anything that can set you apart from other applicants. Although this has not been a big factor in the past with applicant consideration, during this unprecedented time, it has become vital to your application.

Keep your grades up your senior year. In the event that you get deferred, rejected, or waitlisted at a school, continuing to keep your grades up will show that you are a good student and that you are continuing to work hard. This only strengthens your file and shows to the school that no matter what you are a hard-working student. Even after you get into a school, they might request your transcripts to see how you are doing academically. If you are slacking off during school, and this shows in your grades, this might cause a school to reconsider your admission. Thus, keeping your grades up is only in your benefit. 

Lastly, keep in mind that extracurricular activities are just as important to your holistic review as a student. Honors societies, helping out in your community, getting a job and being involved in sports are amazing additives to who you are as a person. Showing in your application that you are involved in other activities, not just school, proves that you can handle outside pressure and can manage school life and social life. This is important to demonstrate because it helps a university/college determine if they believe you will reach success at their establishment and can handle outside factors that you may want to participate in.