Seniors decorate parking spots in school lot


Photo courtesy Erin Chang

Senior Erin Chang admires her parking spot with chalk-drawn smiley faces on Apr. 7.

This year, seniors have missed out on a myriad of traditions due to COVID-19 and online learning. Despite this letdown, seniors have found a way to participate in new and safe activities, possibly starting new traditions for future classes to participate in themselves. On the first days back to school, seniors arrived early to decorate their parking spots with chalk and their imaginations.

Senior Maddie Etman displays her self-designed parking spot on April 7. (Photo by Erin Chang)

The event was organized by the Senior Celebrations Parent Committee, which was formed this year in order to help create events seniors can safely participate in. A SignUpGenius for decorating parking spots was sent out to seniors in late March. On April 6, 7 and 8, group A seniors were able to sign up to arrive at the school at either 6:30 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. On April 12, 13 and 14, group B seniors were able to do the same. Attendance was limited to a small number of people at a time and mask-wearing was enforced. With only a small percentage of seniors returning to school and being split into two weeks, attendance was low for decorating parking spots. However, the seniors who did participate enjoyed the activity and think it was beneficial. “Although many seniors didn’t participate, I think it was a really nice activity to get the seniors returning to school excited for school and the prospect of having the freedom of driving to school each day,” senior Jenna Robinson said.

With students having been disconnected throughout the entire school year, it is important for them and their mental health to begin to engage in social activities and have fun with their friends again. “It was really nice to see all of my friends again at school and we had a lot of fun decorating our spots and just seeing each other. After being isolated this year, it was important for me to enjoy at least one activity with the senior class and interact with my classmates,” senior Jillian Pohoryles said.

Decorating parking spots allowed seniors to socialize with their friends again, collaborate on an activity, raise class spirit and get excited for returning to school. “We brought our own chalk and hung out and helped decorate each other’s spots… I think it was just a fun way to get excited about going back to school and make your spot special so it was something to look forward to when we did come to school,” senior Erin Chang said.