Varsity girls’ soccer keeps spirits high after closing out shortened season


Photo courtesy Rizel Serrano

Senior captains Zara Chavoshi, Paige Abid and Sarah Woodward present the traditional pre-game bean dip.

After a 30-minute thunder delay, the varsity girls’ soccer team lost their second-to-last game of the season against Quince Orchard 0-1 on Apr. 12. The game was marked by a slippery ball, a small but supportive crowd and two indomitable teams.

To prepare for each game, the team makes a bean dip for good luck. “It’s a tradition before every game to eat bean dip. They put beans, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese,” junior Rizel Serrano said.

At the Monday game, junior Sydney Behrens took the first shot on goal of the game in the fifth minute. The team made good use of sophomore Karen Potts in goal, saving more than t10 Quince Orchard shots in the first half. With 14 minutes left in the half, Potts saved a shot by tipping it over the goal, securing a 0-0 score in the first half.

Coach Christopher Thompson offered the girls advice about working together during the five-minute half. “He said keep communication high. Keep on working together. That’s a very big thing for him, together[ness]. It’s on the back of our shirts and everything,” Serrano said.

The varsity girls’ soccer team plays the Quince Orchard Cougars on Apr. 12. Players’ bags are set six feet apart and both players and spectators wear masks. (Ellie Cowen)

Quince Orchard’s Reese Owens scored in the third minute of the second half. As the rain started to come down harder, it was clear the muddy grass was slowing the game down. Behrens and freshman Kate Hawley also took close shots on goal in the second half but were unable to tie up the score.

The crowd was small, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but enthusiastic despite the rainy weather. “I thought [Karen Potts] was really good. It looked like a very competitive game,” junior Sere Doumboya said.

Although they could not clinch the win, the team performed well under less than ideal circumstances, with masks and heavy rain. “I think we did really good. We tried really hard and put our best effort and I think we played great,” junior Aava Kimia said.

The morale of the team was lacking after the game, but the mood shifted at practice the following day. “It was more of a fun [practice] so everyone was in high spirits,” Serrano said.

The shortened season did not hinder the team’s tenacity, according to senior captain Sarah Woodward. “We did have really good team chemistry, which definitely contributed to a few wins, especially against BCC. Overall this season was one of the most hard-fought I’ve been a part of,” Woodward said.

The team won two out of four games, according to Serrano and tied 0-0 against rival Churchill Bulldogs in their final game on Apr 14. “We should have won. I know it sounds biased but we had possession of the ball almost 100% of the time,” Serrano said.