Billie Eilish releases personal documentary

Billie Eilish is a rising pop star who has connected with our generation with her unique music style. She recently released a documentary called “The World’s A Little Blurry” in which she describes her background and how she became a star. The musician’s documentary was released in February and is currently only available to stream on Apple TV. USA Today called her documentary “the best music film in years.”
In the documentary, Eilish explains her process of making songs with her older brother, Finneas O’Connell. She recounts how she wrote and recorded her first song, “Ocean Eyes,” at 15-years-old in her bedroom with her brother’s help. The song gained immense popularity on SoundCloud in a short amount of time. Since then, Eilish has continued to make music and gained the attention of people globally.
One of Eilish’s main points in the documentary is that most of her songs and music videos were inspired by her drawings. Her brother and Eilish directed and wrote most of their songs and music video for one of her hit singles music videos, “when the party’s over,” which was screened in her backyard with her mom being the main star.
In the documentary, Eilish talks about her decision to avoid drugs, smoking or drinking and how she thinks the decision could make her seem like a hypocrite in case she ever does decide to join that lifestyle. Eilish never specifically said a reason why she made this decision but she did mention how she doesn’t judge others for smoking or drinking, it’s just not something that she found compelling. The star’s mom also defended her and agreed that Eilish had a right to change her mind as she got older if she wanted too.
Sophomore Jamie Geringer has been a big fan of Eilish for about two years and was excited when she heard about the documentary coming out. “Being able to see one of my biggest influences be very open about her issues and what it’s really like to be a pop star made me appreciate her songs even more,” Geringer said.
Eilish keeps her personal life private and doesn’t discuss her dating life, so fans were shocked when she revealed her messy breakup with Brandon Adams, a fellow musician, while she was in the middle of a tour in the documentary.
Eilish states in the documentary that one of the reasons she broke up with Adams was because she had a hard time keeping in touch with him while touring. Eilish then goes into detail about how touring has not only taken a toll on her physical health but mental health as well.
Throughout her tours, the young musician got shin splints and even threw her neck out Several physical therapists advised her to slow down, which would mean stopping tours and taking a break from songwriting for a little bit. The documentary showed Eilish’s true colors and showed the highs and lows of being so young in the pop star community.