Maryland weather continues its reputation of inconsistency


Over the past couple of weeks, Maryland has kept its reputation for having inconsistent weather, giving residents all kinds of different weather experiences. Those who were hoping for a white winter break were extremely disappointed to find out that this winter would have its hottest December day of the year, with temperatures reaching a high of 64 degrees on Dec. 27. Some students are really enjoying the rare warmth some of these winter days are bringing us.
“I love the warm weather and hope the winter is filled with warmer days,” senior Meredith Murdock said.
After a relatively warm winter break, winter lovers had to deal with everyone’s least favorite weather: cold rain. The New Year came with a warm welcome from Mother Nature, as Jan. 2 and Jan. 3 were filled with constant rain. After a warm winter day on Jan. 4, the following three days gave the first taste of winter magic, as snow flurries appeared on Jan. 5, 6 and 7. Although Jan. 5 and Jan. 6 only had a small sampling of snow with nothing but flurries coming out of the sky, Jan. 7 was the first day the weather was cool enough and there was enough precipitation for roads and sidewalks to be covered with snow.
The precipitation happened overnight, so that on the morning of Jan. 7, people all across Maryland were able to wake up to a yard coated in white. Since then, the weather had kept true to it officially being winter, as temperatures had not yet hit above freezing. Maryland experienced its coldest day of the winter so far on Jan. 9 when temperatures dropped to a shivering low of 10 degrees. That is until the last two days, where temperatures again rose above 60.
Although it seemed like winter weather was here to stay, on Jan. 11 weather got back up to the 50’s and on Jan. 12 weather shot back up to a staggering 63 degrees. Not to let anyone get too comfortable with the weather, the models predicted that Jan. 14 would be filled with cold winds and snow, making everyone wonder what the rest of the winter has in store. Models show that the upcoming week is projected to have rain, rain and a little more rain as temperatures will rise back up to the 50’s again. But it is Maryland, so there’s every chance possible that this changes to anywhere from a foot of snow to hot and sunny in the mid 60’s. While some people enjoy the inconsistency Maryland weather brings, others are hoping the weather will choose one side. “Hopefully we can get some consistent snow weather so we have some days off of school,” senior Will Quam said.


Geoff Pisarra

News Editor