Relationships shifted throughout pandemic


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Over the quarantine, some relationships moved in opposite directions from each other but due to the restrictions, they could not actually go anywhere (especially if you lived in the same house with the other).

We can all agree that now that we are online and not in-person for schooling, maintaining connections has become 10 times more difficult. Seeing people in person causes more effort, especially during this unprecedented time. During this pandemic, a lot of people have come to terms with who they are and what type of people they want to be surrounded by. This includes people making an effort with different friends, losing friends they did not feel were the best choices for them, and enjoying their strong relationships that they already have. While some may feel that have connected even more over the pandemic with their peers and relationships, other feel that they have lost touch with some and can further promote the idea of loneliness. 

As hard as this pandemic has been, it is great knowing that I have a strong support system of friends close by that I can easily connect with.”

— Riya Kohli

Senior Riya Kohli can attest to this idea of having relationships change throughout the pandemic. Kohli has maintained relationships with long-time friends, friends through different social groups, and friends she has met in the recent years. She said she has pondered the idea of growing apart from some people to draw more attention toward people she had a better connection with. While Kohli waits to commit to a college, she has made online friendships with a bunch of people she could potentially go to college with. “As hard as this pandemic has been, it is great knowing that I have a strong support system of friends close by that I can easily connect with,” Kohli said.

Although it might feel that connecting has been much harder, in some ways it has also been easier. Through the use of social media, people have been able to make online connections with someone who has common interests and further meet people from all around the globe. Being able to connect through these applications also allows people to have friendships from a Covid-safe space and still be able to connect with others. Social media has also provided ways for people to see their families and friends online and connect with them to still catch up. With the integration of this technology, it can further help so many people stay connected even after covid is over. Further, it can also help teachers and students stay connected and allow for students to ask questions regardless of whether or not they are in person or online.

Sophomore Jolie Graham has also felt her relationships have changed with her peers. While she has been fortunate enough to still be able to partake in  competitive cheerleading, she misses the ability to be able to go into school and see her friends every day. While it has been hard for Graham to maintain these connections online, she is very optimistic that she will continue to preserve these friendships. With the changes soon to in-person teaching, Graham is hopeful that she can maintain these friendships and see people. “I am so excited to go back in-person and see my friends hopefully that I have not seen in awhile,” Graham said.