Earth Day approaching; take a stand


Photo used with Permission from Google Commons

This graphic was made for Earth Day in 2008. The slogan “Save Me” remains popular today

Every year on Apr. 22, 144 different countries come together to celebrate environmental protection and try to save our planet. According to NOAA, our annual average temperature has increased .13% per decade since 1880. The climate is changing for the worse, and Earth Day is a great holiday as it reminds everyone around the world to be more environmentally conscious. “Earth day is not just important for our public, but it is important to take a stand and show policy-makers that the environment is on the top of our minds, and that we want to make a difference,” senior Brian Garmer said.

If you are wondering what to do for Earth Day or how you can help the environment, do not worry, there is plenty. First, we will start with simple things that one could change easily, and would not take a huge adjustment. 

It was time to change my habits and become more environmentally aware.”

— Dason Miller

Start to recycle and reuse, because one of the biggest problems happens to be landfill in oceans or local rivers and ponds. This trash is killing the wildlife and ruining the planet. If recycling becomes more popular and becomes a social norm, then the impact is immense: Not only will it save energy, but it also will reduce greenhouse gases and conserve natural resources. “I used to throw bottles and cardboard in the trash, but after learning more about our planet, I understood the impact behind my actions. It was time to change my habits and become more environmentally aware,” junior Dason Miller said. 

Earth Day also reminds the public to go outside and try something new. One action that is popular is planting a tree or building a garden. For those who have a big enough area, a garden can be essential to our planet’s health. Something as simple as gardening can make a huge difference in the fight against global warming. According to Green Matters, “Gardens are important to the planet because… plants and trees grow there, taking in carbon and releasing oxygen [and] the roots of these plants stabilize the soil and filter water.”.

For those who have kids or younger siblings, educating is an important part of Earth Day. It is not just about telling people what to do, but the why is also crucial. If the younger generation does not realize the detriment that humans have on the environment, then they will never truly grasp the reason behind planting a tree or recycling. They will become assimilated in a culture where human convenience is put ahead of environmental struggles. According to ecomall, if we educate the youth “they will know from a young age what a carbon footprint is and why it is important to keep it as low as possible.”

On April 22 be sure to take steps and learn more about our footprint on the planet each and every day. This is not something that will fix itself. Humans have ruined the planet, and now it is time to make a change and become environmentally responsible.