Winter break should mark transition to second semester


Megan Byles

Winter break does not mean the end of a quarter for students in Montgomery County. Instead, there are another four weeks of school after winter break. Some students want the quarter to end as winter break starts so that they can enjoy their break, while some students agree with the quarter extending to the third week in January. The county should change it schedules, so the end of the second quarter ends when winter break starts.
They should change it so that students truly get to rest during their winter break with nothing to worry about. Students would not have to worry about school because the semester would be over and they would have finished all their work for their quarter grade as well as their semester grade. This will allow student not to have any homework or projects to worry about during break.
If the county does decide to change the end of the second quarter to the start of winter break, the county would be faced with many major problems.
The county would have to change the calendar completely to make all the quarters the same number of days, but the county would not be able to start school earlier because of governor Hogan’s executive order, so the county would have to make the quarter lengths shorter.
Some students also like that the second quarter extends to the third week of January. This allows them to get refocused or catch up on the work, that they missed before winter break started. Students also get more time to figure out any problems about their grades after break. “The second quarter should end after winter break because I get to work on my weaknesses during break so that I end the quarter with good grades,” junior Jek Seo said.
Also if students miss days before the break they do not have to worry about making up work when they get back from break.
Students can enjoy their break more because they do not have to worry about school. “I think if the second quarter ended when winter break started it would be a good idea. I also think many students would support it because they would not have to worry about school,” sophomore Justin Shim said.
The second quarter should end when winter break starts so that students get to enjoy their break and not have to worry about what they need to do when school starts again. Students would be able truly rest and focus on other things if the second quarter ended when winter break started.

Eric Lee

Staff Writer