Spring break plans make life feel normal again


Photo courtesy Jolie Graham

Sophomore Jolie Graham poses with teammates at her cheer competition in Ocean City.

Spring break is around the corner and students have different ideas of how to spend it with the pandemic still in place.

As seniors are still hearing back and committing to colleges, spring break is a great time to explore their options and visit college campuses. Senior Kyler Hamlin recently committed to the University of South Carolina and will spend a portion of his spring break in Columbia to get to know his school’s environment and the town surrounding it. “I am so excited for college next year and am content with the choice that I made. I have visited the school once before when making my decision and am excited to go back knowing this is my future college. This break is the perfect time for me to meet some people from the school as well as to get to know my way around,” Hamlin said.

This spring break my cheer competition will take up the majority of my time.”

— Jolie Graham

As sports are still in season, athletes are busy this break with practices and competitions. Sophomore Jolie Graham will be attending a cheer competition, Reach the Beach, in Ocean City. “This spring break my cheer competition will take up the majority of my time. I have a lot of practices leading up to the competition before we hit the road. I am excited to have this competition at the beach because after the competition is over I can spend the rest of break at my beach house with my friends. The weather will be nice enough to make this break into both a competition and a vacation,” Graham said.

With sports in mind, March Madness will still be in place during the time of spring break. Sophomore Alex Negussi, a big basketball fan, is using this break to kick back and watch the games. “March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year. I always watch the games with my friends and family and enjoy the time we have together. I am excited to watch the games during break with no extra stressors of schoolwork and tests,” Negussi said.

Other students are using this break as vacation time. After a long stressful few months of online school, students are ready to get on a break. Senior Keyan Roshan is heading to Myrtle Beach with his family to get some time in the sun. “My family and I go to Myrtle Beach a lot, it’s one of our favorite vacation spots. This has been a weird year and I am ready to feel somewhat back to normal going back to a familiar vacation spot. The stressors of college applications and waiting for acceptances is over for me and I am looking forward to some vacation time,” Roshan said.