Staycation vs. vacation debate continues


You wake up around noon. You grab your phone and instantly start scrolling through snapchat stories to see pictures of all the extravagant islands that your friends are visiting, while you are freezing in Rockville. Still laying in bed, you go to Netflix and tell yourself you’ll watch only a few episodes, but of course, end up watching all day and finishing two full seasons. Then, you fall asleep. Staycation: 10 days of rest.
You wake up around nine to take advantage of your time in paradise. You put on your Ray Bans, slide on your flip flops and you’re set. You head to the beach and find the perfect chair closest to the clear, blue ocean. You can feel the sun’s rays already shimmering onto your winter-pale skin. You try to text your friends, but the cellular reception is weak so you are unable to. The day flies by as you head into the ocean, go to the pool, walk around the town, and try some new foods. You attend the theatre production at night and finally reconvene with your hotel room towards midnight. Then, you go to bed. Vacation: 10 blissfull days of isolation.
When asked if one would rather go on vacation or stay home for winter break, the assumed answer would be to go on vacation. However, a staycation may have been the perfect solution for students (especially juniors) who have been sleep deprived. The majority of students have had no opportunity for a full sleep because of the workloads given out by teachers. “Ever since school started, I’ve been going to bed around midnight each night in order to finish all of my homework and study for my tests the next day, as well as prepare for the ACT. Staying home all winter break was something I was not originally excited about, but I enjoyed every aspect of it since I caught up on all of my sleep,” junior Reyna Bergman said.
On the contrary, going away for winter break is always something to look forward to, whether you’re going on a ski trip or to a tropical island. Vacations are the perfect way to refresh your mind from everything happening at home and allow you to stay in an enclosed bubble without any worries; other than if you are going to fall off the ski slope or get run over by a wave.
Although while being on vacation you’re isolated from home, it’s always nice to get away and explore other parts of the world. “I visited Cancún for winter break and I had the most amazing time. I didn’t get much sleep since we were so busy at the beach and going on excursions, but it was worth it,” junior Gabe Pollack said.
In a span of 10 days, what would you rather do? Spend your time at home relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family, or become isolated from these people by taking a trip to your paradise?


Jordyn Taylor

Commons Editor