Extracurricular clubs, organizations to apply, get involved in


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On Oct.20, DECA members tuned in to a speaker event called Careers in Business Panel, featuring Stacy Taubman, Paul Harner and Madhu Garlanka.

In high school, while academics are essential, extracurriculars and school involvement are as well. This year, students have had trouble engaging in school activities because of Covid-19. Virtual schooling has made it difficult for students to engage with their peers and discover clubs and organizations. Students can use this article to learn about several of this school’s groups and organizations.



  • Common Sense 

Common Sense is this school’s award-winning newspaper, which distributes important and entertaining news to the students, faculty and parents. Students who are interested in attaining first-hand newsroom experience, working with a diverse group of individuals, discussing current events, writing and reporting should join the Common Sense. In order to join, students are required to take a semester of journalism in which they learn about news writing basics, news photography and how to create a newspaper page using InDesign, before joining the newspaper staff. Newspaper is a full-year course that students interested in being a part of the Common Sense staff have to sign up to take. 

  • Fife and Drum

Students in this school’s yearbook class, Fife and Drum, work year-round on the annually released yearbook. Fife and Drum staff take yearbook as a full-year course and work on yearbook spreads, organize club photo day, take pictures of students around the school and document important memories. Joining the yearbook is a great way to gain insight into different aspects of the school and connect with various other student groups.

  • Pulp Literary Magazine

Pulp Literary Magazine staff meet after school biweekly to review student works, create spreads, host biannual coffeehouse events and edit the literary arts magazine that gets published annually. In order to join the staff, email the editorial board to be added to the emailing list at [email protected]. To submit work, fill out this submission form.


Student Leadership Groups

  • Student Government Association 

The Student Government Association (SGA) plans and hosts campaigns and events throughout the year such as homecoming, pep rallies, spirit weeks, class elections and most notably the annual spring project.  SGA members meet every day in the sixth-period class to plan and organize the different events and activities throughout the year and throughout the school. The members of the SGA act as the voice for the students. In order to apply, students must fill out an application form and submit it to Adviser Nia Cresham by March 24. 

SGA is a great way to get involved in your school community, create new friendships, and improve on important life skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership.”

— Owen Matus

Co-president senior Owen Matus explains his experience in the SGA. “Most of the time, class time will consist of brainstorming ideas, breaking out into committees, and communicating with teachers, staff and other adults to make sure our events run smoothly. SGA is a great way to get involved in your school community, create new friendships, and improve on important life skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. All in all, SGA is a super fun organization where you’ll meet lots of people from different grades and I would recommend everyone to apply,” Matus said.


  • Wellness Warriors 

The Wellness Warriors is an organization that started recently and was created with the intention of invigorating this school’s community to becoming more inclusive, mentally aware and positive. “The Wellness Warriors are broken up into different committees to target different forms of wellness as a whole. I’m a part of the Patriot Time committee, which focuses on creating presentations like the ones we have during homeroom and going the extra mile to create weekly tips for students. There’s also the social media committee that tries to keep the Wootton community involved as well,” senior Angel Sousani Twsumasi said. 


DM the organization @woottonwellness for information on how to join.


  • Class Planning 

Class planning is a school spirit activity that students should engage in. Each grade has its distinctive class planning group that meets separately to prepare for events and fundraisers for their grade level. Students participate in various team spirit activities with other students in their grade,  dancing on the stage during Putting on the Hits (POTH), decorating their class’ homecoming hallways and floats or promoting out-of-school fundraisers. Joining class planning is a great way to meet other students, show class spirit and make lasting memories. Class Planning is also in charge of fundraising and planning for their respective grade’s junior banquet and senior events, including prom and graduation. To get involved in your class’s planning group, students should check out their Instagram accounts or reach out to class sponsors and officers. 


  • Patriot Ambassadors 

Patriot Ambassadors is a leadership organization that tries to exemplify what it means to be a “Wootton Patriot” through behind-the-scenes work with faculty and students to better the school community. The events the ambassadors lead or host include ushering at different events, presenting to middle school students, directing parents during back-to-school nights, and other administrational events. In order to join, students must fill out an application, participate in a group interview and submit teacher recommendations. The application season has passed, however, students can apply next March to join the organization. “With exceptional spirit and communication, [the Patriot Ambassadors] are the leaders who work toward creating a welcoming community for all, whether it be giving tours to new students and teachers, or simply helping students find their classes on the first day of school,” Secretary junior Josh Freedman said.


Honors Societies 

Honor societies recognize students who have displayed outstanding academic achievement in different subjects. Only juniors and seniors are eligible to join honors societies. In honor societies, students tutor others and must fulfill their annual service hours. Honors societies’ events can range from fundraisers, meetings, cultural meetings, tutoring sessions and much more. The school currently has the National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, National Chinese Honor Society, Latin National Honor Society, Tri M Music Honor Society, National French Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, English Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Journalism Honor Society, National Science Honor Society and Social Studies Honor Society. Applications for rising juniors and seniors to join the societies come out at the end of March or April. For more information, seek the school website for online application deadlines.


Choral Groups

  • Supertonics: all-boys a capella group
  • Acabellas: all-girls a capella group
  • Chromatics: Co-ed singing and dancing group. 

During this class led by music teacher Keith Schwartz, students prepare and practice their singing parts to perform in various competitions as well as around the school. The Supertonics and the Acabellas share a joint class where they also occasionally collaborate on singing projects as the “Acatonics.” Activities that all the choral groups are involved in include musical shows, singing Valentines, assemblies and more. In order to apply, students must submit video auditions to be reviewed by March 19. “I love  a capella because it’s allowed me to create life-lasting friendships while also giving me the opportunity to experience and make some of the best memories of my high school career. A capella is an amazing opportunity for students to share their talents and love for music across the Wootton community,” senior co-president Christina Jung said.



There are more than 100 clubs at this school, with differing interests that students can get involved in. Clubs can have different focuses ranging from community service, culture, sports, religion, common interests, competition and more. Clubs are a great way to meet new students and explore new interests and career fields. Check the club directory and reach out to the listed club email that you are interested in for more information. Listed below are clubs and the categories they pertain to:

  • Community service

Generations Together

Wootton Helping Hands

Hospital Helpers

  • Advocacy 

She’s the First

Wootton High School Activists

Junior State of America (JSA) 

  • Culture 

Black Student Union

Asian American Club

Hispanic Latino Student Union

  • Career-Based

Future Lawyers of America


Future Business Leaders of America

  • Sports

Badminton Club

Flag Football Club

  • Religious

Muslim Student Association

Jewish Student Union

  • Common Interest

Wootton Biking Club

Fashion Club

Wootton Book Club

  • Competitive


Model United Nations


Science Olympiad

Mock Trial


There is a large array to choose from, do not feel limited to what is listed above. To look at the whole list of this year’s clubs, refer to the list located on the school website.

There are numerous activities that students can get involved in. Make sure to keep track of due dates for the organizations that require applications to turn them in on time.