Adaptations to virtual school continue into second semester


Photo courtesy Ellie Mollica

Freshman Ellie Mollica joins her Zoom class.

Online school has been a strange time. Students of all grades have feelings about this change to our school experience. The change to kids’ daily lives has been difficult, but everyone is starting to get used to the new normal.

At the start of the second semester MCPS high school students received their new schedule, which has been a welcome change for most.“I’ve actually liked the second semester better because everyone is already adjusted to the online school schedule. Also, the change in my schedule is nice because it gives me a different routine. I miss in-person school for sure and seeing everyone,” sophomore Lauren Povich said.

The second semester has definitely been challenging, considering that we aren’t in school.”

— Ellie Mollica

Adjusting to a new virtual environment has been difficult. Students had a few months to get adjusted to this change for the first semester and now are doing it again. “The second semester has definitely been challenging, considering that we aren’t in school. It is harder to focus, and brings lots of obstacles, but it also helps me overcome them, and find ways to problem solve,” freshman Ellie Mollica said.

Since students have been learning from home for almost a full year, they are adjusting quickly. Though it’s been hard for them to get used to technology and only communicating with students from afar, teachers are finally getting the hang of things. “I’m definitely getting more comfortable with school in a virtual setting and it is nice to get to know some new teachers who have also been able to adjust to the online environment,” junior Jaimie Morris said.