All American: A Show for All


Used with permission from Google Commons

“All American” offers an exciting and dramatic plot, perfect for the typical teenager.

As Friday night lights shine down on Crenshaw’s Stadium, Spencer James runs out onto the field while the crowd cheers. To Spencer, a lot more rides on this season than just football or even his future: the entire community is affected by his team, the Chargers.

To wrap up season two, key events occurred. Spencer had more problems with his shoulder, as it went numb while grabbing juice. Olivia began to drink alcohol again. Finally, coach Billy Baker resigned from The Beverly coaching job, and is now the coach at South Crenshaw, with their star player Spencer James also returning to the Chargers. Sophomore Parker Lebowitz is excited for season three, “The first two seasons were very thrilling and I’m excited to see if Spencer can win the state championship for Crenshaw.” 

The superintendent of the school wants to convert South Crenshaw High School into a magnet high school. This will destroy the community and not give the people who want a chance to get out through sports a fair opportunity to do so. Sophomore Ethan Kuan despises Superintendent Carter. “He not only wants to harm the community, but he doesn’t even care about doing so.” 

If South Crenshaw does not win the state championship superintendent, Carter will make the change to a magnet school. This puts pressure on Spencer, Coach Baker, and the rest of the team to have a good season.

On top of all of this, Spencer is also struggling mentally. He still blames Coop, his best friend throughout his entire life, for getting shot. Also, he feels bad for Jordan, coach Baker’s son, because he feels like he took his dad away from him, and their friendship faded away when he left Beverly High School. Spencer and the people around him thought his injury had to do with his shoulder, but after seeing a sports therapist it was discovered that this was all mental. In the last three years, Spencer has had a lot of terrible things happen to him, and it seems like it’s beginning to catch up with him. This is not a great time given all that is on the line for this season. 

Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, there is a new coach named coach Montez. She’s been extremely difficult on Jordan and is not letting Asher, the star wide receiver, play. Asher took steroids during the last season and got suspended, and his coaches and teammates have been hard on him because of this. He’s doing everything he can to try to gain the trust back. Although, she is just testing their senior leadership and should come around pretty soon. 

Layla, Spencer’s girlfriend, just sued her dad, who is a famous producer. She is under the impression that her dad illegally signed a minor, Patience, who is Coop’s girlfriend. This is creating drama in the family.

 Coop and Patience are arguing a lot, over different things. Coop is cutting classes to focus on her music, which is not what she should be doing. But more importantly, she is concerned about Moe. Moe is the sister of Tyrone, a gang leader from the streets of South Crenshaw. Moe is a lawyer, who is trying to fix the mistakes that her younger brother made and “clean up the streets.” Everyone is very appreciative of this, but Coop is not buying it. She thinks that Moe has something planned, and she won’t stop obsessing over it. 

Sophomore Sai Mandhan loves the show. “All American is very energetic and dramatic, two of the things I look for in a show,” Mandhan said.

With all that’s going on so far, the question is can Spencer block out all the noise around him and focus on the season, and save his neighborhood.