Students react to Superbowl


Photo used with permission from Google Common

Fans were left shocked after a crazy Super Bowl.

As time wound down to zero on the clock and the cannons shot confetti into the air, fans stood there in shock watching the Buccaneers players rush the field. Nobody expected the Bucs to pull off the 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bucs completely dominated the Chiefs, holding them to just nine points and holding Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ quarterback, and last year’s league MVP, to just a 53% completion, his lowest of the season.

The Chiefs dominated in the regular season, finishing 15-1. The Bucs, on the other hand, finished with not-as-impressive of a record of 11-5. This alone made people think the Chiefs were going to cruise through the game, but the Bucs were on a hot streak so they put up a fight.

The outcome was surprising because almost everywhere had the Chiefs favored to win. Many sites like Draftkings held the line at +3,+3.5 Bucs, meaning the Chiefs were favored to win the game by 3 to 3.5 points, depending on the site.

I was shocked at the end of the game. I thought that Kansas City was going to destroy the Bucs.”

— Sam Gross

Students were also shocked by the outcome. “I was shocked at the end of the game. I thought that Kansas City was going to destroy the Bucs. Their offense had been so good the whole season, I was really surprised they got shut down. I also was so confident that the Chiefs were going to win, that I bet money on them, so I was sad they lost in the end,” junior Sam Gross said.

Although students were shocked, others weren’t because they knew the Bucs had Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback to play the game. “You can’t bet against the goat. That’s why I knew the Bucs were going to win the game, and was happy they did because I wanted to see Tom Brady win another one without Belichick,” sophomore Ethan Kuan said.

Students were also disappointed by the outcome of the game because it was a blowout. Students were hoping for an exciting and close game, as those are more fun to watch.

Students enjoyed the halftime show. For the people who don’t like watching football as much, the halftime show is perfect for them. This year the halftime show had The Weekend performing and over 100 million people watched it. “I enjoy the halftime show more than the game every year. I liked it a lot this year. It was crazy with lights and dancers everywhere. The Weekend was also really good, and is very talented,” sophomore Maya Gottsman said.