Zooming with Zara: Semester 2 online

Well everybody, here we are: it has been a whole semester and my column still exists. While the everlasting existence of my column brings me joy, because I like this little thing we have going here, it also brings me sadness. I am sad because it has been 342 days (and counting) since the start of the lockdown, and I am still writing about Zoom. 

During normal times, it’s easy to connect with teachers: laughing over jokes in their classrooms, eating lunch with them and sharing little stories about our lives. This usually makes the switch from first to second semester a bittersweet moment. Unlike other years, because of distance learning, there are barriers to creating bonds with peers and teachers. “Changing teachers at the end of the semester is easier this year than other years because it was hard to get close with our first semester teachers, but it’s still sad leaving them,” senior Salma Younis said. 

On the other hand, not being able to build strong relationships with teachers is a disconcerting thing. For members of the junior class, this year is a really important one to create these closer relationships. “I’m a little stressed because of the struggle I’m having to get closer to my teachers. I will need to ask for college recommendations eventually, and it will be hard to ask a teacher for that if none of them really know me,” junior Miles Wiley said.

 Despite the adverse conditions of this past semester, there’s a lot of things to be positive about and look forward to with this change.

Number one best thing about online second semester: you don’t need to worry about not knowing where your classes are. Freshmen, this one goes out to you guys. I remember feeling the pain of being a freshman, finally figuring out where your classes are and then having your schedule be turned completely upside down.

Second best thing about online second semester: because we have all been seeing less of our friends due to Corona, this is an opportunity to rekindle some friendships. Talk to those who you haven’t seen in a while. 

Take this second semester as a fresh start. I know this comes up often in this neat little column here, but push yourself to interact more with your teachers. It’s easy to get in a slump; believe me, I lived in a slump. Break habits this semester: wake up before 9 a.m., put your phone completely away during class and say hi to your teachers. 

These next two months are looking cloudy with a chance of going back to school. Whether or not you choose to remain online or go back in person, stay safe and keep working hard.